BBL 009: Growth Spurts: How to Handle the Baby Feeding Frenzy


birthbabylife200x200You finally feel like you’ve got a handle on life with a baby, when suddenly your baby wants to eat every time you sit down! The good news: it’s most likely a growth spurt, and it’s good for your baby and for you.

This episode is devoted to growth spurts, those short but intense periods of baby care that make even the most seasoned moms second-guess themselves. I cover what’s normal with growth spurts, when you can expect them to happen, and how to handle them when they do!

In this episode I cover:

  • What is a growth spurt?
  • I finally felt like we had a routine – why did my baby suddenly get fussy???
  • What a growth spurt does for your baby
  • How a growth spurt helps you
  • Normal ages for growth spurts and for developmental milestones
  • Why you should not supplement a breastfed baby during growth spurts
  • How to handle your baby’s increased needs
  • Why you might need to eat and drink more for a few days
  • When it’s normal for your baby to want to sleep more

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

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