BBL 018: Why You Should Skip This Common First Food – And Save Your Baby a Lifetime of Health Problems


Despite vain attempts to fortify baby cereals with the nutrients babies need, they’re essentially just empty fillers… they sit in your baby’s stomach like a brick. Dr. Alan Greene has even started a “White Out” campaign to get these empty white foods out of your baby and toddler’s diets!

I cover the “why’s” (including the dangers) of ousting baby cereals as a first food in this podcast. I also share a couple of new parenting podcasts I’m really enjoying – be sure to add them to your podcast app!

In this episode I cover:

  • Two great new podcasts you should subscribe to right now :)
  • A common first food that has no nutritional value for your baby
  • Why kids get hooked on the “white” foods
  • What the “Great White Out” campaign is (and why Dr. Greene started it)
  • How your baby develops tastes for certain foods
  • Why meat is OK for a first food
  • These are vital to your baby’s brain (and how to know you’re getting the right kind)
  • How you can make harder-to-digest starches easier on baby’s tummy

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

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