How to Prevent Tearing & Keep Yourself Strong

Live Tearing Class

Many, many mamas are worried about tears during childbirth – and many moms dread the thought of “little leaks” after giving birth.  We’re told that tearing, leaking, and even pain during intimacy are inevitable parts of pregnancy, childbirth, and aging as women.  But is that true? I’m holding a live class tomorrow night where we’ll […]

Sweet Swim Babies!


It’s hot outside and my kids keep begging to go to the lake for a swim! Maybe you can’t go jump in the water, but you sure can enjoy these sweet little swimmers! I’ve always found it fascinating how well babies can swim when they’re in an around the water frequently. They really seem to […]

How I Want to Change the World

Change the world

I spend a lot of time talking about pregnancy, birth, and babies – and I thought I’d take a minute to share just why I think that helping babies… and helping mamas… matters so much Topics I Cover in This Podcast: This is a pretty heart-to-heart, down-to-earth episode where I share what’s on my mind […]

Top 10 Childbirth and Pregnancy Questions

Top 10 Childbirth Questions

Here are the questions I get most often about childbirth and pregnancy! How Painful is Natural Birth? Pain in birth is very relative. Some women feel a lot of pain and some women feel no pain. There’s really no way to predict what you will feel – but you can do a lot to prepare […]

Hallie’s Story


Jessica (United States of America, Arkansas) (This was my first, and so far only, baby!) Okay so I didn’t have a regular doctor. I had one in the beginning, but after 25 weeks I decided I just wanted my midwife, and my brother in law who was a chiropractor. All my testing was fine/normal except […]

BBL 076: Get Breastfeeding Off to a Great Start with Lyn Hrivnak

Get Breastfeeding off to a Good Start

  How do you get breastfeeding off to a good start? How can you make sure you have plenty of milk – and continue to have plenty for as long as you nurse your baby? Lyn covers those secrets and more in today’s podcast! Topics We Discuss in This Podcast: How to make sure baby […]

BBL 075: The Secret to Great Pregnancy Sleep with Dr. Rosenberg

The Secret to Great Pregnancy Sleep

  Feeling exhausted during pregnancy? Or has insomnia moved in? Great sleep can be elusive when you’re pregnant, but on today’s episode Dr. Rosenberg shares how you can sleep well – and have a healthier baby because of it! Topics We Discuss: How pregnancy impacts your sleep Why sleep is so important during pregnancy Why […]

Can I Help YOU Have a Great Natural Birth?

MamaBaby Birthing 2.0

I’m really thrilled to share that registration for MamaBaby Birthing 2.0 is live now! Hopefully you’ve been able to enjoy the mini-class series over the past week – and now it’s time for even more to help you prepare for a great, natural birth. MamaBaby Birthing has been completely updated to give you the latest, […]

Essentials for Natural Birth Success

Essentials for Natural Birth

Are you planning a natural birth for your baby? You may feel certain that natural birth is a good choice – you know the “why” – but do you wonder about the “how?” I’ve got a brand new mini-class series just for you. Go watch the first video now! Essentials for Natural Birth Success!

5 Netflix Must-Haves for Moms-to-Be

Netflix Must Haves for Moms to Be

Looking for something good to pass the time while you wait for baby?  Or something to help you enjoy pregnancy more? Check out these top picks for pregnancy! The Business of Being Born This documentary takes a peek inside the way modern mamas (and babies) are treated during pregnancy and birth. It covers what’s going […]