What Size is Baby Week by Week!

Pregnancy and baby's size

It’s always fun to know how big your baby is during your current pregnancy week! This fun chart gives you an at-a-glance look at baby’s size for each week in pregnancy. Even better, it’s a food chart. I like charts that have different things on them, but food charts are a winner with my kids. […]

33 Beautiful Pregnancy Sibling Portraits

Treasuring son and pregnancy

Adding a new baby to your family is a great joy for everyone involved – Mom, Dad, and new big brothers and sisters! This page celebrates the fun that expecting a new baby brother or baby sister brings. Plus it gives you some great ideas for pregnancy and sibling photo shoots. We have seven children, […]

BBL 067: Taking Prenatal Care Into My Own Hands

Taking Prenatal Care Into My Own Hands

  I really enjoyed handling routine “prenatal care” during my pregnancy with Sadie. In today’s episode I talk about what I did to care for myself and Sadie, why I still appreciated my midwife, and how directing my own care helped me bond with Sadie. Topics I Cover in This Podcast: Why it’s so important […]

Does Prenatal Care Really Save Lives?

Does Prenatal Care Save Lives?

It’s not uncommon to see campaigns pushing for every woman to have prenatal care.  Health officials say prenatal care saves lives and improves pregnancy outcomes.  But does it really help that much?  Why are we seeing higher rates of complication like prematurity, emergency c-sections, and even maternal and infant deaths?  Most women in developed countries […]

21 Awesome Elimination Communication Tips You Should Absolutely Use

21 Awesome Elimination Communication Tips

Looking for tips on getting started with EC’ing?  Or maybe you’d just like to have tried-and-true tips from mamas, babies, and toddlers who’ve been there.  Regardless of what you’re looking for, if you’re thinking diaper free, this is the place to be! I’m a firm believer that discovering what EC is and giving it a […]

When Elimination Communication Gets Tough: EC’ing Sadie 2 Month Update

When the EC Going Gets Tough

We’re 2 months into life with Sadie and it has been a huge learning experience to have a new baby all over again! Among other things that felt a little more challenging this time around, elimination communication hasn’t been easy. EC’ing took a back seat for awhile and is now coming back to the forefront. […]

Why EC’ing is a Great Choice for Your Little One

EC Infographic

Elimination communication is a great way to show your that you respect your little one’s dignity – and intelligence (human babies are smart!). And, well, it saves you trying to clean up dirty diapers. A win-win situation for everyone involved! If you’ve read or listened to any of my information on ecing your baby, you […]

23 Essential Hacks for Breastfeeding Moms

23 Essential Breastfeeding Hacks

Looking for the tips, tricks, and insider-mama secrets to make breastfeeding a great experience for you and baby? Look no further than the real experts – mamas who have been there, done that, and shared the milk-soaked wisdom with you! 1st Aid for Nipples – When You’re Feeling Sore It’s normal to have a little […]

BBL 066: Is Elimination Communication Worth the Hassle?

Is elimination communication worth the hassle

  When you first hear about elimination communication you probably thought it was impossible, then maybe gross, then maybe you got curious, then you wondered “is it even worth it?” That’s the question I tackle in this podcast! Topics I Cover in This Podcast: Why I missed last week’s podcast (hint: it involved four-legged babies!) […]

Sadie’s Birth Gallery


Pics from Sadie’s Birth!!  Thank you to our wonderful photographer, Colleen from TC Birth Photography.  I’m also grateful to my sweet midwives for looking after us when they arrived, I’m grateful to Sadie for giving me the chance to be her mama, to the LORD from whom all blessings and strength flow… and of course, […]