Inducing Labor Naturally

Are you eager for your baby to arrive? Curious about inducing labor naturally?

Remember that your baby and your body work together and their timing is almost always the right timing for labor and birth. I would encourage you to carefully consider the cons of any method that forcefully begins labor before your baby is ready.

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There are various “natural methods” of starting labor you can try. These methods are usually considered pretty safe to use, because they won’t work if your body and baby aren’t ready ;)

Oxytocin is an important hormone involved with labor. This “feel good” or “love” hormone surges when we’re relaxed and enjoying ourselves. Treat yourself well. Eat meals you enjoy (good food is related to oxytocin levels!). Pamper yourself with enjoyable novels, good movies, relaxed walks, and relaxing showers. Feel your baby and talk to him or her. Show gratitude for life.

There are several safe, natural methods to get labor going if your baby is ready. Click here to get my full guide on naturally inducing labor as an instant download. You’ll also get tips on giving birth naturally and caring for your new baby!


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