Preparing for a Natural Birth

What happens to your body during labor and childbirth? How can you prepare yourself for a successful natural birth? Is natural childbirth just a matter of trusting your body, or are there more ways to prepare?

Getting ready for labor is one of the most important parts of preparing for your baby’s arrival.

I’ve had six wonderful, natural births. It drives me crazy when people say “you’re just good at having babies” — and believe me, after six babies, they say that a lot!

Well, yes, I’m good at it – but that’s because I get ready for my baby’s birth! You can have an excellent natural birth too.

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A Natural Birth Primer

Your natural birth begins weeks before you feel the first hints of labor.  It takes preparation. You wouldn’t run a marathon or climb a mountain without doing some training, and birth is an athletic event just like that. Athletes train physically and mentally, and you need to do both for birth.

Your “training” doesn’t have to be nearly as intense, so don’t get worried. But do realize that even though birth is natural, it only benefits you and your baby to go into labor prepared :)

Maybe you’re wondering if natural labor is really painful?  Here’s the truth: what you think about birth has a big influence on how it feels.  You’re going to hear negative things about childbirth. It’s pretty inevitable in our society. But you can overcome those things with positive conditioning, such as prepared birthing classes, reading birth stories, and watching videos of great drug-free labors.

You can learn relaxation techniques, positions for labor, birth skills, and even how to use tools like water and/or a birth ball to relieve labor pain… and best of all, you can use these things to keep your labor moving smoothly. You want to work together with your baby to get him or her into your arms! All of your resources will culminate in this wonderful experience – so it’s good to go in prepared ;)

Practicing relaxation during your pregnancy is an excellent way to prepare for natural birth. It serves you well during labor, birth, and for the rest of your life. Visualizing what you want is important, too – it’s a free practice session for childbirth!

Champion athletes use visualization to see themselves winning – you can use the same techniques to see your ideal birth. You may be surprised by just how close your baby’s birthday comes to what you’ve been picturing! I’ve found relaxation and visualization to be simple, yet very powerful, tools in my birth preparation.

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