Pregnancy Complications?

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We welcome you to our site, and would like to introduce a new feature to you.

Our site,, has formed an alliance with, with the purpose of offering our visitors an enhanced ability to obtain information about pregnancy. Our site is dedicated to information about normal pregnancy and baby care, while offers information for mothers with complicated pregnancies.

In our view, this is a separation that is not always in your best interest. For example, a pregnant woman that may develop diabetes in pregnancy (gestational diabetes) may still have a normal pregnancy course when she takes care of her diabetes. But you may have questions about diabetes in pregnancy, which can provide.

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Remember, you can still have a great birth experience (often even a natural birth) if your pregnancy has a complication. Ask questions and get the information you need – that’s why we’ve formed this alliance! Work carefully with your entire medical team to discuss your wishes, and options for you and your baby.

We hope this new feature will be helpful. We welcome your comments.

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Dr. Silvio Aladjem Kristen Burgess