33 Beautiful Pregnancy Sibling Portraits

Happy goofy fellow

Adding a new baby to your family is a great joy for everyone involved – Mom, Dad, and new big brothers and sisters! This page celebrates the fun that expecting a new baby brother or baby sister brings. Plus it gives you some great ideas for pregnancy and sibling photo shoots.

We have seven children, so we've been through sharing a pregnancy, anticipating a new baby, and getting used to different family dynamics several times now! I'll share some tips along with these wonderful pics 🙂

Treasuring son and pregnancy

I think the first key to preparing a sibling for a new baby is to be excited.  You may be unsure how your little one will react to a new sibling, but don't be apologetic or nervous about it with your child(ren).  Show excitement for the new baby and excitement that your little one is becoming a big brother or sister. You don't have to be “fake” about it, but be genuinely excited.  New babies are a good thing, and your little one will pick up on your attitude!

Surprised brother listens to  mama's belly

Keep your kids involved in the new baby – let the rub your belly and talk to the baby.  Maybe they'll get a kick!  When little ones think of “the” new baby as “my” new baby, things go more smoothly.

Not too sure about being a big sister

I do think temperament and personality make a difference, and some little ones have a harder time adjusting and handling jealousy. Having another parent or loved one to give attention is a good idea.  Also involve your child in caring for the baby: bringing a clean diaper, folding a shirt, etc.  Emphasize things you enjoy about your baby: going for walks, watching tiny kicks, sweet “froggie” legs, etc.  Again, don't be apologetic – baby is part of the family.  But you can let your child know you understand it's tough when baby takes so much time and energy.

Joyful pregnant mother with child

When our children are 6-7 or so, we let them be “buddy” to a new baby.  This means they help with baby's laundry, bringing toys or things for baby.  I think that know they're a special “buddy” helps them enjoy the new baby.

Kissing mama's tummy

Remember to take some pictures of those precious moments when you little on is interacting with your bump!  I loved picking out the pictures for this post just because there were so many great ideas.  I like the outdoor shots best, but there are great ideas for indoor shots, too.

Painting on the belly

Belly painting (or henna) is safe when using non-toxic paints.  Your child can participate in this activity, and even paint his or her belly too!

So happy to feel baby!

Encourage excitement and bonding.  Let your little one help pick out something special for the baby.  You can put that in baby's nursery or with baby's things in your room.

Fun in the orchard with duaghter and pregnant mama

Older children can be especially excited about getting a much-awaited younger sibling.  Be sure to include them in the excitement of waiting for your baby, too.

Daughter mother pregnancy portrait

This is a nice outdoor shot with a dreamy-looking sibling 🙂

Grinning with mama in the sun

Another good happy one – happy memories are good to make!

Mama and son hug baby bump

Find some time to spend with your older child throughout your pregnancy.  There may not be a lot of time in the first few weeks of your new baby's life, but after that you can have somebody else entertain your little one for a bit while you have some one-on-one time with an older sibling.

Pregnant mama hold Irish twin

Another great portrait idea!

New baby coming portrait idea

Getting siblings into a portrait with everyone happy can be a real trick.  Take lots (hundreds) of pictures and single out the best for the wall!

Pensive about becoming a new sister

It's okay for a child to feel unsure or pensive about becoming an older sibling – be gentle and encourage your child that the new baby will be fun to watch grow.  You can let them know that the baby will be a playmate one day, but since it will be several months, emphasize the joy of watching for baby grins and other milestones first 🙂

Feeling baby sibling kicks

This is a great sibling shot!

Precious casual pregnancy sibling picture

Another one that really makes you want to melt.

Blessed with another new baby

I liked this one because it gets all three older siblings in very clearly.  Really well done and a good setup if you've got to get several children into the picture!

Cuddling up with baby

Nice focus on the siblings here.

Baby is almost here

Gorgeous outdoor shot!

White on white pregnancy sibling portait

I think the white dress and white bottoms on Mom look really nice in this shot – beach shots are always classic too.

Announcing big sister

This is a good one for a pregnancy announcement shot.

Natural pregnancy sibling portrait

This is one of my favorites.  Nature and a healthy mama and a healthy baby.  It shows the beauty of Mom's bond with the older child.

Happy to be becoming a big sister

Joyful older sibling!

Sibiling pregnancy beach portrait

Sitting can be a nice way to include a “not much older” older sibling in a pregnancy portrait…

Grins for a coming friend

…or go for classic snuggles!

Sister kisses bump

Belly kisses are always a nice shot.

Happy brother

Again, highlighting the closeness between mom and the older child, and the anticipation of baby.

Pregnancy sibling portrait

Another nice pregnancy announcement shot.

Getting to know you

Looking over baby – very tender!

Listening to new baby!

Listening to baby!

Multiple siblings!

Here's another good idea for getting siblings in the shot in a fun way.

Happy goofy fellow

Don't you just love this little guy!


And another timeless picture – celebrating the beauty of pregnancy and siblings!

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