​​​​7 Steps to a Successful VBAC

The cesarean rate ranges from 30-50% depending on where you live and what hospital you have your baby at… a huge chance for a mom to have a cesarean birth. Since the World Health Organization says the c-section rate should be around 10% we know women are having surgery they and their babies don't need.


A lot of those unnecessary c-sections come from repeat surgery — the false belief that “once a cesarean, always a cesarean.” Even if your first surgery was done for important reasons, there's usually no reason you can't go on to have a VBAC with your new baby!

My name is Kristen Burgess and I run Natural Birth and Baby Care.com, an extensive website devoted to helping women have safe, satisfying natural births. I've counseled many moms over the years, and so many of them wanted to plan and have a successful VBAC.

I started interviewing these moms. I wanted to know what made the biggest difference for each of them when they went from plan to reality — to holding a healthy baby after a successful VBAC.

It was surprising and intriguing to find the same advice come from mom after mom — practical steps that helped these moms take VBAC from hope to reality for themselves and their babies.

I decided to put the points I heard again and again into an easy booklet for any mom planning out her VBAC… and 7 Steps to a Successful VBAC was born 🙂

Here's a sampling of what you'll find in the booklet:

  • The truth about “once a cesarean, always a cesarean”
  • How repeat cesarean is usually more dangerous than VBAC
  • The most important decision you'll make as you plan your VBAC
  • When it's time to “fire” your doctor and get a new one
  • A support person who greatly increases your chances of avoiding surgery
  • Where to find support to process your cesarean and prepare for a vaginal birth
  • How food plays a big part in a successful VBAC (and what exactly you need to eat)
  • The difference between skills and information — and why you need both as you prepare for birthing
  • Why good baby position is a key to a smooth, safe VBAC
  • Why “wait” is the most important word you can learn
  • Why this huge myth is just that, a myth — and it's not going to stop you from getting a VBAC
  • The #1 tip succsseful VBAC moms give moms planning a VBAC (this is on page 17 of the booklet)

Introducing 7 Steps to a Successful VBAC

It's been a labor of love to put this guide together for you. It took a lot of gathering and sifting to bring you this essential guide, but I'm thrilled to have it ready for you. The booklet is concise and to the point — proven steps from moms who have been there, done that, and celebrated their healthy new baby… and their successful VBAC.

In Joy,

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