Discover How to Build Your Baby’s Microbiome and Give Your Baby or Toddler Better Health, a Bright Mind, and a Happy Attitude – For Life!

Dear Amazing Mama,

Calm… Sweet… Easy smile… Bright… Curious… A joy to parent…

That’s what every mama secretly hopes for when she dreams of having a baby – I know I did! And sometimes those babies happen… but often we get colic, crankiness, and babies who seem a little miserable. They turn into crabby toddlers who bounce off the walls – and often these little toddlers have a whole host of health issues: eczema, food sensitivities, picky eating, constipation and other bowels issues. Are these connected?

I have had 8 babies – I’ve gotten more than my fair share of fussy babies… and I’ve gotten some pretty laid-back ones. I’ve dealt with sensitive toddler tummies and stopped up baby bowels. I’ve handled happy toddlers and, well, not-so-happy toddlers. And I do think there’s a connection between it all. Part of it is personality – but a big part is in the gut. Think about it…

Would you like a strong, healthy child who easily overcomes minor illnesses, has the energy for learning and play, and who is bright and curious about his or her world?

How about a baby or toddler free of the epidemic-level problems with childhood eczema, asthma, and chronic diarrhea (or constipation)?

How would it feel to have a good-natured little one who generally seems happy and content with life?

If you said yes, you’re not alone. I think every parent quietly longs for these things – I know that I have! Like I said, I have 8 kids. I know that every person has a unique personality, so don’t think I’m dismissing that. But I also know that a healthy, good-natured, bright & curious child has opportunities that never appear for children who don’t have those things going for them.

Now, there’s something to be said (okay, a lot) to be said for parenting – but what I want to share with you today is something that can help you give your child the gift of health, better disposition, and a bright, curious mind without having to make a lifelong study of parenting techniques.

This is a no-brainer for you as a parent because it’s easy. (no pun intended!)

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about your child’s microbiome – also know as “gut microbiota,” “gut health,” and sometimes just described as “good bacteria.”

The Smart Mama’s Guide to Building Baby’s Microbiome

Science has know about “gut flora” – the good or bad baceteria that live inside of our digestive system (and our kids’ digestive systems) for quite awhile, but clear research has only been going on for a few decades, and the critical importance of the microbiome on all stages of life was not really recognized until very recently.

Now we realize that having too many of the “bad guy” bacteria… or even and an absence of the “good guy” bacteria can cause many problems, especially for our kids. While adults struggle with mental “fogginess,” allergies, and some digestive issues, children and babies tend to show much strong physical symptoms – hyperactivity, eczema, allergies and intolerances, irritability, moodiness, constipation or chronic diarrhea (or both!), and more. An overpopulation of “bad bacteria” are also often responsible for common “kid issues” like picky or restrictive eating and trouble focusing and learning.

No parent really thinks children should be sitting quietly at desks all day (I certainly don’t expect that) – but I do want my children to be bright, inquisitive, and generally happy!

Healthy gut bacteria help with all of that.

Unfortunately, many little ones don’t have good gut bacteria. Newborn babies get good bacteria from their moms during the birth process, but many things can and do interrupt that. The most obvious thing is a cesarean section, where baby doesn’t even pass through the birth canal.

But that’s not the only issue – a huge percentage of women today get antibiotics in labor, which wipe out all bacteria – good and bad. Babies are born in hospitals and birthing centers where they’re immediately handled by people who not family members – and exposed to all the bacteria of a clinical setting. Those bacteria are probably not what you want colonizing your baby. And what if you as a mom didn’t have good gut bacteria? It’s a chronic problem for us and we’re passing it on to our babies… who pass it on to their babies… and so on.

It can feel disheartening, and I needed to share the current reality with you…

…but here’s the good news: you can help build your baby’s, toddler’s, or child’s “good bacteria” up – starting today!

In fact, it’s pretty easy 😀 You need to be intentional about, but once you know how to do it, it’s not hard. And like so many of the parenting choices you make, it can and does have life-long benefits to your child.

That’s why I’ve created The Smart Mama’s Guide to Building Baby’s MIcrobiome. This practical, step-by-step class is going to cover everything you need to know about the “good guys” and the “bad guys” – and exactly what you can do to help your little one enjoy the health and emotional benefits that come from a balanced microbiome:

  • Full details on why microbiota is so important (and so simple to fix)
  • Exactly what you should do during pregnancy (or while TTC) to give your baby good health… plus enjoy your pregnancy more
  • What happens during childbirth to give your baby to right bacteria
  • How to protect your baby during the newborn days (this goes way beyond cesarean vs. vaginal birth)
  • The role that breastfeeding plays in building microbiota
  • What to do if your baby didn’t have the birth you’d planned (or if you needed to supplement breastfeeding)
  • Why even babies with “perfect births” can have poor gut flora, plus what you can do about it!
  • How to heal your gut and help your children at the same time
  • Critical “red flags” that your child has “bad bacteria” colonies
  • Step-by-step Ages-and-Stages plans to build your child’s good bacteria
  • What to do if your little one has eczema, thrush, allergies, constipation/diarrhea, or more

There’s a huge market for children’s vitamins and supplements today, but I honestly believe you can forget every other supplement and still give your child great health if you boost their microbiota.

Good gut health is essential for:

  • Excellent nutrient absorption (so your little one gets all the nutrients from the healthy meals you’re making)
  • Focus and clarity (so your child can develop that lifelong curiosity and love of learning that = success)
  • Dramatically boosted immune system (so your children are sick less and recover more easily)
  • Efficient digestion and metabolism (so your little ones are comfortable and naturally stay leaner and stronger)
  • More energy (maybe you don’t think your kids need more energy… but perhaps you do 😉 )

I also truly feel that a child with a healthy gut, who is free of pain, auto-immune problems, and who has energy and focus is a more content, happier child. Healthy microbiota is an invaluable partner in your child’s lifelong health. We have to hope that many of the lessons we teach and things we do for our children will stick with them – but good microbiota is a gift you can give now that will benefit your child for decades (and even help your children’s children!).

Plus, it’s simple.

Join me in class for a practical, step-by-step and age-appropriate plan to boost your little one’s microbiome… and create good health for your family for life 🙂

Remember, even though building up good gut flora sounds tricky (and maybe a little icky!), it’s really very simple and step-by-step. I’m here to help you make it part of your routine 🙂

My normal consultation rate is $150 an hour, but since this is lifetime access to an open class, I’m able to give the group class rate of $67. Because this information is really important, so today you can get it for just $27: