The Smart Mama’s Guide to Elimination Communication at Every Age & Stage

Dear Fellow Mama,

Size 6 Pampers. Child-Led “potty learning.” He’s GOT to be potty-trained to go to preschool.

These are words and potty-training issues unheard of in past generations. But we’re told that they’re “normal” today… That past generations were oppressive, stressful, and put unfair pressure on tiny bladders and little bowels.

Is that the truth?

Are our children really supposed to sit in diapers until they’re 3? Until they’re 4?

Are our babies really completely unaware of when they need to go? Do they truly have complete lack of control before preschool? And is it actually respectful to let them sit in their own waste for years of their early life?


…if all of those things are true, how is it that babies in “primitive” cultures are clean and dry even in infancy? How is it that our own grandparents had early walkers in undies? How is it that those babies and toddlers generally seem loved, happy, and well-cared for?

If you’ve found yourself wondering these same things, you’re not alone. A lot of parents are questioning the recommendations of “experts” who push late-start potty-training. It just sits wrong that a lot of those “experts” are being paid as diaper-company consultants. Could it be that a conflict of interest, and not a defect in human baby bowels, is what’s causing later and later toilet-training trends?

And what about “respectful,” “child-led,” and “non-coercive” potty-learning methods? Those methods often drag on and on and on until you have a 4-year-old who can’t enroll in preschool because “s/he’s just not ready.” Or you have to send extra pants off to Pre-K because your child has issues with continence!

I firmly believe in being respectful of our children – and I have come to realize that late “potty learning” neither respects our children’s innate dignity, nor their natural-born abilities.

Human babies are born intelligent and aware of their need to “go!”

You’ve probably heard of “elimination communication,” sometimes called “infant potty training” and “diaper free babies” – and most often referred to as “EC.”

EC’ing is NOT a magic bullet that will make your newborn a miracle of diaper-free dryness. But it IS a respectful way to listen to your baby’s cues to go potty (yes, just like your baby lets you know EXACTLY when s/he wants to eat, your little one can let you know it’s time to GO!). It’s a respectful way to keep your child in-tune and aware of the signals that his or her body is giving… and a way for you to handle those signals!

EC Curious? Here’s How to Get Started with EC – at Every Age & Stage!

Many families have that nagging feeling that having a 4-year-old in diapers may not be best for the child (and let’s be honest, it’s no fun to clean up after a preschooler in diapers… not to mention the expense of the diapers or endless laundry).

They’re curious about EC, but they’re not really sure where to start. Maybe you’re like Ginny:

Ginny’s daughter is still exclusively breastfed and in-arms much of the time. She’s using cloth diapers and has noticed that her daughter seems to have somewhat predictable bowel movements. She’s heard of EC and wonders if she can, maybe, hold her little one over a potty or a bowl and have an easier clean-up (and less diaper rash). She’s worried about the thought of going totally “diaper free,” though. And how does she make sure it’s not stressful or coercive? Could it possibly even hurt her daughter to “hold it” too long as a baby??

Or, maybe you’re a little more like Anna:

Anna read an article about EC’ing and thought it sounded really brilliant. The weather is warm so she dove in with her early walker. They caught a couple of pees and she was immediately thrilled because her son seemed to have an easier time toddling around sans-diaper. Then the misses started… they catch a lot, but they also miss a lot. Anna feels like she’s constantly cleaning up “misses” and her husband is very skeptical. She’s really not sure she should invite anyone over… and how can she take him out and respect his need to be stripped from the waist down? She’s thinking maybe EC isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

Is there a balance to elimination communication? Does it mean going without diapers all the time? And exactly where do undies fit into the picture?

These are all great questions and valid concerns, and that’s why I’ve put together The Smart Mama’s Guide to Elimination Communication at Every Age & Stage

This new class covers what you need to know to decide if elimination communication is right for you… and how to get started fast, no matter how old your little one is!

Here’s some of what you’ll discover in class:

  • What research really says about human children and potty “readiness”
  • How elimination communication tunes into your baby’s natural signals (you can learn these cues, just like you learned your baby’s hunger cues!)
  • How you can honor your baby’s dignity and give him or her an early sense of empowerment and accomplishment
  • Step-by-Step “quick start” instructions for easy success with elimination communication
  • How to use diapers as a tool – not a required part of your child’s wardrobe
  • Cloth vs. Disposable – does it make a difference if you want to do EC?
  • Guaranteed “catch times” that will help you and baby ease into EC… easily!
  • Getting started with your babe-in-arms – what you need to know about EC’ing a newborn and in-arms baby.
  • Cues to look for when your little one is a baby carrier – or at night!
  • Deciding if you should go diaper free at night
  • How to get Daddy on board with going diaper free
  • Handling going out-and-about, playdates, and more
  • Baby’s on the move! Here’s how you start EC if your baby is crawling (or rolling) everywhere 😉
  • Working with a little walker – EC tips and proven hints for helping your toddler
  • EXACTLY how to avoid the common “EC Trap” of half-naked kids and messy floors (believe me, it’s totally preventable – even if your little one stays diaper-free)
  • What to do if you think you missed the “EC window” – but you don’t want to do diapers until 3!

Not only will this class give you a solid overview of elimination communication, it will also give you a simple plan to start EC successfully right away.

I’ve used elimination communication with 6 of my 7 babies, and believe me, I’ve made every mistake in the book (and maybe a few that nobody else thought of!) – and I’ve learned a whole lot along the way 🙂

I’ll tell you exactly what it takes to be successful – and sane – while you start EC’ing your little one. Your whole family will benefit from being more empowered and in tune with one another, and you’ll feel confident knowing you’re respecting and encouraging your baby’s dignity.

Did I mention you’ll also save a bundle on diapers and countless messy diaper changes? I love each and every one of my babies, but I’ve never found changing dirty diapers to be much fun (especially not when baby starts solids!)… elimination communication is a win-win for everyone involved… and most of all, your baby!

Join me for The Smart Mama’s Guide to Elimination Communication at Every Age & Stage. Class will take about an hour, with another full hour reserved for Q&A. You’ll have a complete plan for starting EC with your baby – or feel free to let me help you troubleshoot any diaper-free dilemmas you and your little one have! Enrollment is open now and only $10 – you’ll easily save that much in diapers in just a couple of weeks 😉 Click below to sign up!

Class is at 3pm on Friday, April 15th – I can’t wait to see you there! Remember, the webinar will be recorded if you can’t make it live, and you can email me your questions in advance, but I do hope I’ll see you live!


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