BBL: 002 An Off-Switch for Your Baby's Cry... and Natural Cesareans!
The Birth Baby and Life Podcast

BBL: 002 An Off-Switch for Your Baby’s Cry… and Family-Centered Cesareans!

Yay, we've made to Episode 002 of the Birth, Baby, and Life Podcast!

This episode brings a lot of great information about soothing fussy babies, or even just the occasionally-grumpy baby 🙂  There's also information about “family-centered cesareans” and more!

Two big news stories are highlighted — the first covers the “Go the Full 40 for Your Baby” campaign.  This campaign is working hard to let you and all mamas know how important it is for you to go the full 40 weeks of pregnancy!

The recent Britax recall (November 2012) is noted in the second news story.

A “birth” and a “baby” tip are featured in this episode — the movement to make necessary, planned cesareans a more respectful and “natural” experience for the family, and a proven “off-switch” for your baby's cries!

In this episode I cover:

  • Info on a fabulous prenatal belly-dance routine
  • Why going the full 40 weeks of pregnancy is vital for your baby's health… and yours
  • How you can work with your healthcare team to make a necessary, planned c-section a beautiful experience for your family
  • Why this “natural” cesarean movement is healthier for your baby and better for breastfeeding
  • What's normal for babies and crying
  • How to know if your baby has a medical problem or is just “fussy”
  • An effective “off-switch” to soothe your fussy baby so you both feel more comfortable!
  • A blanket that will help keep your baby cozy… and happy!

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

This episode was fantastic to record for you.  I feel like I'm still getting the hang of recording and have an occasional “hiccup” here and there, but I really enjoy sharing the amazing things I continue to discover about birth and baby… as well as time-tested resources you can use for a healthy, happier baby 🙂  I can't wait to record episode 003 – and bring a guest into the fun!

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So Glad the US is doing the “natural caesarian” now. My cousin has had 2 scheduled sections as she has a tiny pelvis and her first was emergency after 24 hr so she didn’t want to do it again. The staff told us that this was the norm here in Australia for a section. They breastfed right on the table in fact my cousin reached out and assisted pulling her babies out.

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