BBL 003: How to Have a Diaper Free Baby the SMART Way with Andrea Olson

Episode 003 of the Birth, Baby, and Life Podcast brings our first guest to the show!

I'm very excited to have our first guest, Andrea Olson of Go Diaper Free! Andrea was an excellent guest for our show. We cover so much — the basics of what EC is, who Andrea is, why she's qualified to write the go-to guide on EC, and more!

Andrea also answers some of the most common questions on elimination communication and diaper free babies and you will love her refreshing, down-to-earth answers. If EC has intrigued you, but you're not sure how to work it into your family, Andrea's words of wisdom will help you figure it out 😉

The beginning of this episode also covers a hot debate right now — antibiotic eye ointment for newborns. Tune in to hear why the gel is applied to a newborn's eyes within minutes of birth, and why it may not be the best thing for your baby.

In this episode I cover:

  • What erythromycin eye ointment is and why it's used
  • Why antibiotic eye ointment could interrupt bonding and create a possibly dangerous allergy

In my interview with Andrea she tells us::

  • What elimination communication is
  • What having a “diaper free baby” looks like in real life
  • Why you'd consider the “bother” of using elimination communication with your child
  • Andrea's experiences EC'ing… and why she decided to write a handbook for EC
  • How you can be diaper free with your baby (without teaching him or her to pee everywhere)
  • Surviving and overcoming “potty strikes”
  • Can you get out and about with a diaper free baby?
  • How to decide if EC'ing at night is right for you and your family

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

It was fabulous to interview Andrea for this podcast episode — she was awesome and gave such a great insight to diaper free babies (and toddlers)! She has so much wisdom to share about elimination communication and parenting in general. I had a lot of fun doing my first interview and I'm looking forward to many more in the future!

(NOTE: Want proven, practical strategies to make elimination communication work for you? Use these 5 proven techniques to connect when your baby and have EC success! Get them here.)

Easy Elimination Communication

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