BBL 005: Newborns for New Year’s: Caring for Your Newborn Baby!

Newborns are the focus of this New Year’s episode of the Birth, Baby, and Life podcast! We focus on many common questions and concerns new parents have, from feeding, sleeping, changing, and everything in between!

I dig down into how to care for your newborn from the very basics — picking your baby up, caring for the cord, and how to learn your baby’s unique cues. I also give details on what’s normal (and what’s not) when it comes to baby poop, baby sleep, and even feeding time. I also cover your options for diapering your baby (or maybe even giving baby diaper-free time) and how to share sleep with your baby… safely.

In this episode I cover:

  • How to hold your new baby with confidence
  • Hunger signs from baby — before he/she even gets close to crying
  • How often you should feed your baby
  • Why “relaxed” breastfeeding is in (and rigid, upright positions are out)
  • My foolproof way to burp baby
  • What to expect with baby poop
  • How to handle diaper rash
  • Step-by-Step instructions on giving a sponge bath
  • What’s cradle cap — and how do you treat it?
  • Normal sleep for newborns
  • How to share sleep safely

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

This episode was chock-full of information on new baby care. I tried to make it everything I would have wanted to listen to in the early days with my first baby (actually, with all of the babies!) As usual, I’d be delighted if you took a minute to leave a rating on iTunes and let me know what you think of the podcast!

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Birth, Baby, and Life Podcast
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