BBL 006: A Birth Hack for Hospital, Home, and Anywhere In Between

The one little tool I talk about in today’s episode is a great hack to help labor and birth move along smoothly – no matter where you’re giving birth!

I’ll spill the beans right now… this little tool is a birth ball! Okay, maybe it’s not really a “little tool” – but it’s amazing how much a simple exercise ball (“birth ball” is the glorified name) can really help during your labor. Listen in to find why it’s worth it for Daddy to look silly toting a giant ball into the hospital with the rest of your gear 😉

In this episode I cover:

  • How to relieve pelvic aches and pains during pregnancy
  • Why your posture is important… and why the posture lessons you’ve learned are all wrong
  • Where to go to get help with achey backs (this one is for mamas and daddies!)
  • What position you want your baby to be in for the smoothest, easiest birth
  • How to create tons of room for your baby to move safely through the birth canal
  • Why a birth ball is one of the most powerful tools you can take to the hospital
  • How to use a birth ball where you need to be – sitting on the floor or in the bed
  • A birth ball tip you’ll use after baby arrives!

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

Our baby is due in just over a week, so I kept this episode brief… the podcast is my last big “project” before I sit around and wait for baby. Maybe I’ll finally get those baby outfits sewn 😉 Episode 007 is scheduled and ready for you, but hopefully by the time you hear it I’ll have a baby in my arms. Thanks for listening, and send your feedback!

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