BBL 007: How to Sleep Tight Every Night (Even if You Have a Baby, Toddler, or Both!) with Malia Jacobson

birthbabylife200x200Today’s episode features Malia Jacobson, journalist, author, and sleep expert!

Malia gives you tons of great information in her interview, not to mention plenty of hope that getting a good night’s sleep (even with little ones around) is possible for your family 😉

We cover what to expect with newborn sleep, and how you can help your newborn establish good sleep habits from the very start. Malia also helps you determine how much sleep your child needs, and how you can help him or her get that sleep all through babyhood, toddlerhood, and even into the school years.

In my interview with Malia she tells us::

  • How she got interested in sleep — and became a world-renowed expert
  • Why good sleep is essential your child (even as a baby)
  • Exhausted parents are a cliche… here’s why that’s not just inconvinient… it’s downright dangerous
  • How you can respect your baby’s needs, and still make sure both of you are getting enough sleep
  • Fact-based information on babies and night feedings
  • What to expect with newborn sleep… and beyond
  • How long your little one will nap (and handling those tough transition times)

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

I really enjoyed interviewing Malia for this podcast episode. I’ll be listening to it a couple more times as we wait for our new baby to arrive (hopefully he/she will be here by the time you’re reading this!) It’s awesome to get such practical advice that’s still gentle and respectful of our baby’s needs. Thanks again Malia!

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