BBL 017: Birth is Your Revolution with Roanna Rosewood

Birth is about mothers and babies – it's not about doctors, it's not about midwives, and it's not about legislators. That's the message Roanna Rosewood weaves into her personal story of motherhood and birth. Roanna found through her own journeys in pregnancy and birth that birth matters, and that the voices of women matter.

If you're a mother, becoming a mother, or if you love a mother, this interview is for you! Roanna shares her uplifting (and intriguing) path through two cesareans to a VBAC, and more importantly, her mission to help us as women and mothers become the voice of our own revolution.

As usual, I recorded this interview with my baby, Corwin, in my arms and you hear him babble several times… sorry for that!!

In this episode I cover:

  • How Roanna discovered that birth is more than just a means to a baby
  • Why “healthy mother, healthy baby” isn't the only goal in birthing
  • How birth is like a bowel movement (hint: privacy)
  • The emotional difference between a necessary cesarean or assisted delivery… and an unecessary one
  • What the World Health Organization says our c-section rate should be
  • Why, as a whole, it's foolish to take the medical birth system at face value of “total safety”
  • How birth is an experience we're just throwing away (and why we shouldn't)
  • Birth isn't in a bubble – how to heal from a hard birth and let your voice matter
  • Why birth does NOT belong to doctors (or to midwives)
  • Birth belongs to women – why Roanna needs to share (and what it means)
  • How You, as a mother, can get involved for your children, for your grandchildren (you don't have to be a writer!)
  • Growing to realize that you're not just a victim, no matter what the birth experience.

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

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