BBL 030: More on How to Handle Postpartum Changes

Postpartum body changes can feel a little overwhelming (or maybe really overwhelming), but knowing what to expect helps a lot. This is the second half of our series on what’s going on with you during the postpartum time. Here are some things you may experience – and how to handle them!

In this episode I cover:

  • Afterpains – what they are (and how to handle them when they hurt)
  • Engorgement and Leaking milk
  • Belly pain (why it happens and how to stop it)
  • What’s normal with postpartum bleeding – including lochia flow and clots
  • Going to the bathroom after having a baby
  • Why you need to pee a lot postpartum!
  • Getting the nourishment you and baby really need
  • Why “sleep when baby sleeps” really is good advice

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

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Handle Labor Pain

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