BBL 033: How Charting Helps You Get Pregnant

Did you know there are only a few days every month you can get pregnant? Women’s bodies go through a monthly cycle building up towards ovulation, then sustaining a newly conceived baby. Understanding when you’re fertile can help you get pregnant faster, and figure out why you’re not getting pregnant. This episode covers the parts of your cycle and how you can chart them!

In this episode I cover:

  • How many days are you actually fertile every month?
  • How can you know when you’re ovulating?
  • What to expect with cervical fluids
  • What can stop fertile fluid patterns
  • Does conception occur in the uterus?
  • This hormone helps you stay pregnant once you get pregnant
  • Using charting get pregnant
  • The difference between FAM and NFP
  • Which charting software should you use?

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

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