BBL 048: Birth Complications Q&A | Natural Birth and Baby

BBL 048: Birth Complications Q&A

Q&A on Birth Complications

This week I tackle some questions about common complications that may occur during your baby's birth – plus how you can prevent them or handle them:

Issues I Discuss in This Podcast:

  • What are the risks of hemorrhage during the 3rd stage?
  • How long is safe to wait on the placenta?
  • Why your cat's labor and birth are safer than yours
  • How to prevent tearing
  • A simple tip to “practice” for a smooth pushing stage
  • Use these positions to push your baby out and avoid tearing
  • What to do when labor seems “stalled”
  • How to handle prodromal labor
  • Should you be worried about a cord around the neck?
  • Is having a small pelvis or sacral/coccyx in the way a problem?
  • Why semi-squatting is a poor choice for pushing baby out
  • How to prevent induction
  • Eat this to go into labor at the right time, reduce risk of hemorrhage, and build a strong bag of waters!
  • Handling anemia to prepare for birth

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

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