BBL 049: How Play Makes a Healthier Baby with Rachel Coley

How Play Makes a Healthier Baby

Rachel Coley joins me on today's episode to talk about her Can Do Kiddo project, which is focused on inspiring you with fun, creative ways to play with your young baby. Just why is play so crucial to your little one's physical, cognitive, and sensory development? That's just what Rachel shared – so be sure to listen in!

Rachel and I discuss:

  • A little about Rachel and why she started Can Do Kiddo
  • Why a blanket is the most essential piece of baby gear
  • Simple play activities that enhance newborn development
  • How to add these into baby's day – and why it's not a hard as you think
  • Natural stimulating cognitive development
  • Why sensory play is important, even in the early weeks
  • What baby misses out on when he spends lots of time in a baby bucket
  • How to prevent flat head syndrome
  • Where you can get more information from Rachel!

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