BBL 076: Get Breastfeeding Off to a Great Start with Lyn Hrivnak

Get Breastfeeding off to a Good Start

How do you get breastfeeding off to a good start? How can you make sure you have plenty of milk – and continue to have plenty for as long as you nurse your baby? Lyn covers those secrets and more in today's podcast!

Topics We Discuss in This Podcast:

  • How to make sure baby is latched on well
  • What breastfeeding feels like (and what you shouldn't feel)
  • Did you know your baby can help with breastfeeding? Here's how to activate baby's natural nursing instincts
  • What's “normal” when it comes to nursing frequency?
  • Take these steps if you're feeling nipple pain while breastfeeding
  • This is key to building a big milk supply
  • How your body really gets the signal to make more milk

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Things Mentioned on This Week's Podcast


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Birth, Baby, and Life Podcast
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Get Breastfeeding off to a Good Start

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Kristen is childbirth educator, student midwife, and a mama to 8 - all born naturally! She has spent years helping mamas have healthy babies, give birth naturally, and enjoy the adventure of motherhood. Find her on her website and helping families through her online childbirth class

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