BBL 086: Bringing Birth Home with Starr Meneely | Natural Birth and Baby

BBL 086: Bringing Birth Home with Starr Meneely

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I had an amazing discussion with Star Meneely, editor-in-chief of The Mother Magazine, about home birth, pregnancy, and preparing to birth your baby. This was an amazing call – you don't want to miss it!

Topics We Discuss in This Podcast:

  • Why Starr decided to have a home birth – and went on to have three more
  • The big benefits of choosing midwifery care for your pregnancy and birth
  • Must-read resources for pregnant mamas (no matter where you're planning to birth)
  • How to overcome anxiety and fear about birth
  • Making realistic plans for siblings during birth
  • What is Daddy's role in home birth?
  • Starr's advice for mamas considering home birth

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Things Mentioned on This Week's Podcast

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