The Best of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

2015 Bundle Insider

What makes the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle so special that it’s called “Ultimate?” It brings together resources to help you tackle the biggest challenges a mama faces… and on top of that, it gives you physical bonuses that make it an incredible value, even if you don’t use all the eBooks and courses!

With this year’s bundle purchase, you receive these bonuses:

  1. A FREE Mrs. Meyer’s 64 Load Laundry Detergent & Fabric Softener (existing customers get a FREE 1-year VIP membership and free shipping for a year) from Grove Collaborative ($32.66 value)
  2. A FREE 2-ounce Herbal Formula from TriLight Health ($15 value)
  3. A FREE 8-ounce Organc Yellow Maca Powder from The Maca Team ($15.44 value)
  4. A FREE 1-ounce Jar of Dirty Mouth Toothpowder from Primal Life Organics ($15.97 value)
  5. A $15 gift card toward any Perfect Brand product from Perfect Supplements ($15 value)
  6. A FREE 100% Natural Mineral Makeup Eye Shadow Trio from Orglamix ($15 value)
  7. A FREE 6-Month Meal Planning Membership from Meal Garden ($35.70 value)
  8. A FREE BeeCool Muscle Balm Stick and Natural Lip Balm Combo from MadeOn ($15.25 value)
  9. A FREE 1-ounce bag of Custom Organice Kombucha Tea Blend from Get Kombucha ($15.99 value)
  10. A FREE 1-Month Supply of Kombucha Pro: Liquid Probiotics from Get Kombucha ($29.99 value)
  11. 4 FREE Digital Guides to Detoxing, Mindful Eating, Healhty Living, and Workouts from Experience Life (a $27.95 value)
  12. A $15 Store Credit from Bloom Naturals ($15.00 value)

That’s $251.95 in products, most of them mailed to your house, for only $29.97.

Note you do pay to ship some of them, but it’s only a fraction of their regular cost.

Click here for more info on the other $2417.58 worth of bundle goodies!

29.97 for the whole package

PLUS don’t forget the $75 worth of special bonuses only for NBBC Readers:

  • The Build a Babe Workshop – a live, exclusive workshop
  • Solids, Supplements, and Suppertime Too: Feeding Your Child for Optimal Health – an exclusive, live workshop on how to feed your kids for lifelong health, energy, and enthusiasm!
  • The Smart Mama’s Guide to Vaccines: You’ll have lifetime access to the class and complete transcript

Build a Babe 2015

Solids Supplements and Suppertime

Smart Mama's Guide to Vaccines

And now for my…

[thrive_custom_font id=’3′]…secret tips for maximizing your bonuses[/thrive_custom_font]

I’ve used some of the bonus companies’ products for my own family, and have received all the bonus offers, so I can share my behind-the-scenes tips to making the most of your bonus items… and finding the perfect freebie from each of the shops offering gift credit 😉

But first, let me highlight this little insider session to share something you may have overlooked. The best deals in the bundle this year are NOT the bonuses like they have been in the past…

These Must-Have Books and Classes Worth $175.95 are Part of This Bundle!

Natural Hormone Balance Guide

Kristen, how do I boost my energy levels? is one of the #1 questions I get. Handling the physical demands of pregnancy, chasing toddlers with limitless energy, just keeping up with the day-to-day demands of mothering, homemaking, working, and more – it makes me tired just thinking of it all!

Fortunately, Katie has put an amazing book together – she takes you by the hand and walks you step-by-step through safely and naturally balancing your hormones. This brings your body into balance, quickly boosting your energy levels. It also means you’ll absorb needed nutrients better, shed extra pounds, feel more positive, and overall find more balance and peace. And you’ll boost fertility, optimize milk supply, and give any future babies a healthy hormone profile 😉

Okay, you know I’m going to highlight this topic:

A Mother's Guide to Probiotics

It is incredible to see the classes and books on building a healthy microbiome included in this year’s bundle. As you know, I’ve been emphasizing how important these “healthy bacteria” are during pregnancy, childbirth, and your little one’s earliest years. In fact, I’ve been teaching that you should think of this when planning to TTC!

Building up your good bacteria – your microbiota – can decrease morning sickness, increase nutrient absorption, boost your energy levels, and help you give your baby a full, healthy microbiome at birth. These “good guys” are also an important part of breastfeeding and set your child up for lifelong better health, resistance to disease, freedom from allergies, and more – in fact, the legacy of health extends to your grandchildren. This bundle includes these go-to resources to help bring clarity and practical suggestions:

  • A Mother’s Guide to Probiotics – a simple, effective plan for boosting your family’s health
  • Heal Your Gut Summit – this full course gives you what you need to heal and create a legacy of well-being
  • Heal Your Microbiome, Optimize Your Health – my first choice for my own life; a complete, step-by-step guide
  • Healing Patiently – step-by-step through the GAPS diet if your family needs deep healing. This worked for my husband Scott!

(and did I mention, MamaBaby Birthing!)

MamaBaby Birthing

Of course, I’d be leaving out something pretty important if I didn’t let you know that you get my own MamaBaby Birthing course as part of the bundle! It covers everything you need to know to have a great birth: what to eat, how to exercise, how to prepare for birthing during pregnancy, how to handle the work of labor, getting your birthing partner on board (and helpful), how to “trust birth” (and yourself), what you need to know about interventions, how to make sure you bond with baby, keeping birth going smoothly – and safely, and more!

I have truly put my heart and soul into MamaBaby Birthing – after my family, my students are the most important people in the world to me! Of course, you get lifetime access the 6-week, self-paced childbirth class series – and you also get weekly access to my live Q&A call so you can ask any (and all) questions you have about your unique pregnancy, birth, and newborn.

I can’t wait to “see” you on the call this week!

Green Your Clean with Grove

$32.66 = FREE

Sadie Grove This Year

You don’t get the adorable toddler (because she’s mine, of course!) but you can get a lot of loads of laundry – done naturally. It’s important to me to use cleaners and personal care products that are safe for my family, which is why I love Grove.

Oh, and did I mention that they do diapers? So if you’re traveling, or just want a grab n’ go solution when you’re out and about, you can use safe Seventh Generation diapers and wipes 🙂

What I like about Grove is how intelligent it is. When you first sign up, it helps you decide which products are the best fit for you. Don’t like what it recommends? That’s okay. It recommended a product with scents I didn’t care for me, so I easily switched it to a Dr. Bronner’s product that I already knew I liked 🙂

It’s meant to make shopping natural hassle-free, so the service plans out a monthly box for you. It’s not just going to send the same box month after month, though – it only sends what you’ll need. Grove is smart! It knows everything except my bar of soap is going to last longer than a month… so I only have a bar of soap scheduled to come next month. In November it will restock my soap, natural cleaner concentrate, and toothpaste 🙂 I got a candle with a recent box, and it realizes I’m probably not going to need another one for awhile 😉

It’s easy to change around what’s coming in your boxes, have a box ship now, etc. I really like it! You get your free detergent and fabric softener with your first box, and then you can pick what you need from there 🙂

See the list of eBooks included in the bundle HERE.

$15 off select Trilight Health Products

$15 – Free!

Trilight Tincture

Okay, I’ll give away how long I’ve been using Trilight Health tinctures because my oldest, Cassidy is about to turn 15 – and we’ve been using their products since she was a baby!!! Trilight consistently supports the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle and I can recommend their products 100%.

Last year I decided to re-stock immune tinctures using two of my most trusted herbal helpers: BactaMune and Echinacea & Thyme. I like to alternate these when my family has an illness coming on, especially for my younger children.

This year I went with their LivCare formula for myself (and I upgraded to the larger size bottle) – I’m hoping to use several of the bonuses and books included in the bundle for some gentle cleansing and to get my energy levels back up to where I want them. I know this formula from Trilight will really help 🙂

I know and trust this company with even my little ones 😀

See the list of eBooks included in the bundle HERE.

8-ounce Organic Yellow Maca Powder

$15.44 – Free!

Maca Powder

Maca is gentle yet powerful and has huge benefits for both men and women. I was really pleased to see The Maca Team participating in this year’s bundle.

Maca is a superfood, not a supplement, and is excellent for naturally balancing hormones. It’s especially beneficial for normalizing steroid hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone.

I talk to many, many women who are concerned about their hormone levels – they feel like they have no energy, they can’t conceive, or they suffer recurrent early miscarriages. Women are also concerned when partners struggle with symptoms of low testosterone. Maca can help address all of these issues, as well as the fatigue that often accompanies them, because of its hormone-balancing effects.

We are using maca in our daily smoothies – it’s part of my plan for building health with the resources from this bundle. Did I mention that I am really focusing on getting more energy? We’ve had the maca for about a week now and it has been easy to add into the daily routine!

The maca in this bundle is gelatinized maca, which is good for those with sensitive digestion. I’m glad we got this for the first round because we’re focusing on re-building gut health after a summer of eating “easy-but-not-quality food” while I’ve been flying back and forth to assist my parents.

But when I order again, I will order a raw maca powder so we get the maximum hormone balancing and mood-lifting effects!

See the list of eBooks included in the bundle HERE.

Jar of Dirty Mouth Toothpowder

$15.97 – Free!

Primal Life Tooth Powder

Custom prepared fresh when you order…

…it sounds like something reserved for a luxury spa guest, but that’s the way Primal Life Organics prepares all of their products!

Their bundle bonus is a jar of Dirty Moth Toothpowder – which is fabulous! For the longest time, we believed that you could do nothing for teeth except brush religiously… and pray religiously… that nothing bad happened or that sneaking in a cookie wasn’t going to come back to bite you (pun intended 😉 )

The truth is, teeth are vital, living parts of your body and can actually absorb nutrients and re-mineralize! This Dirty Mouth Toothpowder doesn’t just get your teeth feeling smooth and clean (I like that feeling :)) – it’s actually a mineral- and nutrient-rich supplement for your teeth!

That’s really cool 🙂 If you’re trying to heal your teeth (or your toddler’s teeth), be sure to check out the paleo diet resources in the bundle because the diet is the first line of defense for healing teeth from the inside out. Then start using your Dirty Mouth Tooth powder to help those pearly whites from the outside in!

See the list of eBooks included in the bundle HERE.

Any Perfect Brand product from Perfect Supplements

$15 – Free

Sadie with Perfect Supplements

I’ve been recommending Perfect Supplements to all of my MamaBaby Birthing students, so I was tickled to see them contribute to the bundle again this year! You can get all of the supplement brands I trust and recommend from them, plus their own stellar line of supplements.

I personally think the best supplement to choose from their lineup is the Desiccated Liver because it makes it easy for you to get this nutrient powerhouse while you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or TTC.

Personally, I chose to use my credit towards their Perfect Acai Revive formula this year (as I’ve mentioned, I’m really going for boosting energy!). This formula is also safe for pregnancy and while TTC (the cordyceps mushroom in the formula has also been shown to boost sperm health in men).

See the list of eBooks included in the bundle HERE.

100% Natural Mineral Makeup Eye Shadow Trio

$15 – Free!

Orglamix Natural Mineral Makeup

I’ll admit it – I never wear makeup, so it didn’t make sense for me to get this bonus. But I know that many of you do enjoy a little touch-up here and there 😉 Orglamix makes their 100% natural, mineral makeup formula in small, handcrafted batches. Their products are also cruelty-free.

Be sure to check out their full how-to section when you get your bonus, it’s packed full of tips and tutorials, including a free “virtual makeover” from their professional artists. If a little touch of color or a hint of glamor is your thing, this bonus is for you!

See the list of eBooks included in the bundle HERE.

A 6-Month Meal Planning Membership

$35.70 – Free!

Meal Garden

Meal planning is probably the #1 sanity saver any woman can do (unless you’re fortunate enough to have a personal chef!). I was impressed to see Meal Garden offering a six month membership – that’s a lot of meal plans!

I found Meal Garden to be quite different from other tools, but pretty intuitive to use. It lets you set up a detailed profile for each family member, and will help customize meal sizes to what you need to fit your family (this is important to me because I am feeding a family of 9!). It’s quick and easy to search meals and put a recipe on your calendar, plus you can add your own meals. Meal Garden will calculate the nutrition information for your custom recipes!

Meal Garden also quite a few pre-made menu plans you can copy onto your menu from the library. I actually wish there were pre-made weekly plans because it’s helpful to add an entire week’s worth of meals in a few clicks. Of course, it’s likely that not all of the meals will work for your family, but it’s pretty simple to swap them out for choices your family likes. I hope they’ll build this library out with even more options. I also don’t see a way to add a schedule you’ve created into your “cookbook” as a pre-made plan; I think that would be a really nice feature to have. You can copy a week’s schedule to the week before or the week after, so if you like to use a monthly cycle menu or similar, you could probably copy it over in a few clicks.

Meal Garden also draws up your grocery lists for you and has some options to customize by store, email the list, etc. And there are helpful tutorials to get you going quickly (as well as a reminder service you can schedule to let you know when it’s time to do your weekly or monthly planning!) Like I said, meal planning is a huge sanity saver for moms, and Meal Garden can help you get it done quickly, easily, and with full assurance you’ve made healthy choices.

See the list of eBooks included in the bundle HERE.

BeeCool Muscle Balm Stick and Natural Lip Balm Combo

$15.25 – Free!

Made On Set

A secret I’ve discovered over the years of my marriage is that a back-rub is a good way to a man’s heart (good food is another, and this bundle has you covered, there, too 😉 ). The BeeCool muscle balm stick is an all-natural blend that provides cooling relief to sore muscles. It has a really refreshing smell that makes you feel relaxed and refreshed, too. I’ve often found that products made for muscle rubs and massages either smell overwhelming or they have a really “floral” scent (usually lavender, which I am not a huge fan of). But I like the smell combination in the BeeCool.

You also get a lip balm, which is always handy. The kids and I really like MadeOn’s lip balms so it was nice to get another one this year 🙂 As you can see, I got a few more goodies, too!

See the list of eBooks included in the bundle HERE.

Probiotic Boost! 1-month Supply of Kombucha Pro & a 1-ounce Bag of Organic Kombucha Tea Blend

$29.99 & $15.99 – Free!

Kombucha Tea

Kombucha Pro

As you can tell, the microbiome is really rocking our world. Your microbiota is that army of tiny “good guys” that help you beat morning sickness, poor digestion, constipation, gut problems, chronic health issues, and more. Probiotic bacteria is a literal gold mine for health benefits.

Human diets used to contain loads of “good bacteria,” but in today’s world of processed, sterilized foods and antibiotic overload, the good guys have been losing the battle. Fortunately, you can intentionally add probiotics back into your diet and reap many benefits.

I feel like these benefits are especially important during pregnancy when probiotics help your body thrive at a time when hormones upset what delicate balance it may have had – and more importantly, they help you digest and absorb all the nutrients you need to grow a strong, healthy baby. They also populate the birth canal with good bacteria, so your baby gets an excellent start (I also feel like my “extra probiotics” baby had a calmer, happier disposition than my other babies… but I’m not making any promises!).

What I love about Kombucha Pro is that a. it’s extremely portable. I just do not do big fancy supplements or teas well. I do like smoothies and I can squirt the daily dose into my smoothie. But if I don’t have time for a smoothie, I can just do a quick dose of Kombucha Pro and be on my way. I also like that b. I don’t have to worry about all of the quality concerns bottled kombucha drinks have raised lately – lots of excess sugars and “flavor” additions. I really like kombucha but have worried about what else might be coming along in the bottle as the industry grew and needed to appeal to a “mass-market” of “flavor-enhanced” consumers…

GetKombucha and Kombucha Pro are committed to their (nicely portable) product, so I feel good about taking it and knowing I’m getting all the kombucha benefits – and Sadie is getting them through my milk 😀

And, if you’re a tea drinker (Scott and the kids are – they got it from him and not me!), you get the tea blend too. I know I’ve got something that fits everyone in my family 😉

See the list of eBooks included in the bundle HERE.

$15 Dollars to Spend at Bloom Naturals!

$15 – Free!

Bloom Naturals Nourish

Struggling with itchy skin? – it doesn’t matter if it’s an itchy baby belly or just plain dry skin as we move into colder weather, Bloom has you covered. I really like Bloom’s products and Molly from Bloom gave me the scoop on how to get rid of itchy baby-belly irritations (and minimize stretch marks):

Itchy prego bellies can be helped by simply keeping the cute bellies hydrated properly. First, I would recommend to not to put a soapy cleanser on your itchy belly. Cleansers strip the skin of important moisture and hardly any of us get dirty enough to warrant the use of daily soap on our torso, arms, and legs. NOURISH [or NOURISHbaby] works as a moisturizer but with antibacterial properties without stripping the skin, so it’s safe to use
Because raw shea butter works great on stretch marks, I would recommend using RENEW on the areas where stretching could occur. That should give your belly the ability to grow and stretch.

And of course, give it that lovely glow that we know pregnant bellies love to have! I did get the RENEW as Molly suggested (maybe I’ll have the chance to use it on a baby belly before too long???), and I also got the NOURISHBaby formula to use for Corwin and Sadie, as well as for a gentle cleanser for me.

See the list of eBooks included in the bundle HERE.

Okay, before I close this up I wanted to highlight a few more bundle products that I think you’ll love:

Are You on the TTC Track?

If you’re planning to conceive in the next few months or next year, this bundle is for you. It is packed with resources that make a real difference in your health, in your energy levels, and in your future baby’s life.

You’ll discover diets that optimize your health and fertility (the paleo resources are excellent for weight loss, fertility boosts, and overcoming PCOS). You’ll also know how to handle stress in healthy ways – and you’ll clean up your home and environment so there’s nothing toxic to your body… or your future baby.

Here are a few titles I specifically recommend for TTC:

  • A Mother’s Guide to Probiotics & Heal Your Microbiome, Optimize Your Health (I mentioned both of these above)
  • Kinda Crunchy (step-by-step to detoxing your life)
  • 3 Phase Paleo (simple steps to a great TTC diet)
  • Stress Solutions (hand stress in healthy ways)
  • The Healthy Home (more to help you detox your home)
  • Natural Hormone Balance Guide (also mentioned above!)
  • DIY Dental Care eCourse & The Primal Life Tooth Powder (dental issues are a surprising cause of miscarriage so this is a must for prevention!)
  • Fix Your Blood Sugar Protocol e-course (crucial if you’re struggling with PCOS)
  • Healing Hormones e-course (more on getting your hormones under control)

As you can see, there are several resources that are critical if you’re planning to conceive in the next year. After teaching my series on miscarriage I have come to believe that preparing for conception consciously is an important step to a healthy pregnancy and a great birth – plus a happy, healthy baby!

and don’t forget, you have my MamaBaby Birthing course once you fall pregnant with your little cutie – I can’t wait to see you in class (and feel free to shoot over any TTC questions!)

Further Favorites

Startup 7 and TV Time – I get a lot of questions about diastasis and fitting fitness into a mom’s life. The Startup 7 are Tummy Safe to build strength in your core 🙂 Fit2Be understands mom’s bodies and helps you feel fit and ready for life 😀 – and if you’re trying to fit fitness into a busy life, the TV Time treatment is just what you need!

The Knocked-Up Fitness Guide to Pregnancy – The title says it all on this one – a complete guide to fitness during your pregnancy (plus a routine to get you started postpartum). This guide will have you feeling fit, energetic, and ready to birth your baby.

Living Healthy with Chocolate – Well, could I really not mention this one??? Healthy and Chocolate in the same title? Yes, Please!

Fresh Start E-Course – This is actually the first course I’m going through from the bundle. It’s from Kresha Faber, whom I already love. It’s dedicated to helping you reclaim your joy and confidence in parenting and managing your home – something I’ve heard many, many mamas share that they’re seeking. Don’t miss this one!

The Eczema Cure – From Emily at HolisticSquid, this is an excellent guide to overcoming eczema and thriving. Eczema is at epidemic levels for many of our children, so this is a must-have guide to handling it naturally.

The No-Poo Method – Are you fascinated by the “no poo” method of going without harsh shampoos? I am! I can’t wait to dig into this book on how to go no poo with success!

The Art of the Family Dinner – Okay, I know this one is a little beyond the baby phase, but I did promise to give you my insider secrets, and this is the first book that really caught my eye for my family. I want to create a joyful, loving home where we have a meaningful connection. And I know that history (and science!) have shown that the dinner table is a key to making that happen. If you want strong bonds in your family (and a strong foundation for offering true hospitality to others), mealtimes are the place to start. Definitely, go through this book 🙂

Okay, that’s all I’ve got (I really do hope you just say “That’s ALL???” because, well, that was a LOT!!)

If you still want to see what other eBooks and eCourses are in the bundle (plus more details on the bonuses… if you really need them!) – go here!

Forward your receipt to kristen (at) naturalbirthandbabycare (dot) com to get your bonuses for ordering the bundle through my site!

Remember, I’m an author in the sale, and in full disclosure, I do get a percentage of purchases made through my site.  Of course I would still buy the bundle if I wasn’t (I’m actually buying a copy for my assistant because she’s working so hard to help me with this!!).  Anyways, it means a lot to me to have your support and I know this is going to help your family so very much – I’m thrilled to be part of the amazing group of people bringing it to you!


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