BBL187: How Your Birth Partner Can Really Help

Your birth partner is your biggest helper during labor... but there's a problem. Many mamas want a natural birth but end up feeling totally overwhelmed on their birthing day - and even before then. They don’t feel like their birth partner is on board - or helpful at all! Here's how to get your birth partner on board!

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How he can really help. Get your birth partner ready

Topics I Cover in This Podcast:

  • Why talking about baby development is a key to getting support from your partner
  • How to show him that supporting you is critical
  • The secret about pregnancy and birth complications you MUST share with your partner
  • How to get your partner thinking critically about birth interventions
  • Here’s how to get your partner to believe in your ability to give birth naturally
  • Why your partner needs to take care of you during pregnancy…
  • …and how to share your wants and needs so you get heard
  • What to do if you feel like he’s not listening
  • Why this is a perfect time to cultivate communication and support
  • Here’s what you MUST know about being “superwoman”
  • How to get him to go through birthing class materials with you (plus why you need to)
  • Here’s what should he do if you’re hiring a doula
  • The three CRITICAL things you both need to agree on before labor begins
  • What will your relationship look like after baby?
  • These conversations will greatly benefit you and help you feel open and connected as you go into your birthing time
  • Why he needs to go to prenatal appointments (and what he should do when he’s there)
  • How being curious can get him on board
How your birth partner can be awsome

Things Mentioned on This Week's Podcast

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Birth, Baby, and Life Podcast
Birth, Baby, and Life Podcast
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Hot to Get your birth partner Ready (so he's really helping you)
How Your birth partner can really help you

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