Write a Birth Plan That Works

Exactly How to Write Your Birth Plan So It Gets Read, Respected, and Followed

  • How you can make sure your care provider reads your birth plan… plus what to say when you give it to them so they’ll want to help you us it.
  • Example Birth Plans (these will help you decide what’s really important for your baby’s birth).
  • A Custom Template Ready for Your Birth Plan (great no matter where you’re giving birth) so you can make sure your team knows what you’d like for yourself and your baby during birth
A Birth Plan That Works

"I've used this birth plan template for my last 4 births (an example from baby #6 is included)! Download them and use them to create a birth plan that works for you... and your baby!"

Kristen and Corwin

Kristen Burgess
Mama to 8 & Founder of NaturalBirthandBabyCare.com