A Birth Video Collection

Screenshot from a Birth Video

I’ve selected each short birth video specifically to show you natural births.  I wanted clips that showed the hard work of birth, but also the joy.

Joshua’s Birth

This water birth video is so beautiful and gentle – and quite unique! Joshua’s mother is laboring and birthing in a birth tub on a boat!

Clear, beautiful footage; a good video to share with children to prepare them for a sibling’s birth.

Giorgio’s Unassisted Birth

You get an excellent view of the baby’s arrival in this birth video. I love the way Girogio’s mother stretches out and floats to allow him to be born easily!

Midwife Assisted Birth

Wonderful footage of a midwife-assisted birth. This mother experience pain with her birth and feels the natural birth was an empowering experience for her!

Maximun Alexander the 3rd – Postpartum

I included this short video – not really a birth video – because it shows a wonderful view of the alert newborn right after natural birth and it shows the bliss of the new family. Notice at the end when Maximun begins to signal his hunger by rooting on his hands!

An Amazingly Gentle Birth Video

This giving birth video is a little longer, around 8 minutes. I included it because it is simply amazing. You will clearly see the effort that the mother puts into her labor. You get to see the natural “breaks” that she gets between each of her pushing contractions and her complete relaxation. And you get to see the actual birth, which is so amazingly gentle you won’t believe a birth just happened. Truly inspiring! Watch this video!

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