(Almost) Everything You’ve Been Taught About Breastfeeding is Wrong!

Here’s What You Need to Know to Make Breastfeeding Simple, Make Sure You Have Plenty of Milk, and Give Your Baby the Best Start Possible

Dear Fellow Mama,

Do you picture yourself sitting up in a chair, blissfully cradling your baby while breastfeeding peacefully? This is a common mental image…

…but did you realize it’s totally wrong? And worse, it can sabotage your breastfeeding relationship with your baby?

Maybe you’re already holding your sweet new baby, but you feel discouraged, even frustrated, with nursing.

Perhaps you struggle to get your baby positioned – out of control little arms, kicking little feet, and the endless battle to “open wide and latch.”

Or you’re struggling with pain when you breastfeed, leaving you feeling like you’re missing something… this is supposed to be blissful!

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, many moms struggle with getting baby positioned, latched on, and satisfied.

And even if you can get baby nursing, you’ve still got worry about how much your baby is getting, and the ever-present question: am I making enough milk?

If you’ve been struggling with any of these things, this class is going to change your life – and your baby’s.

Here’s the thing. An enjoyable breastfeeding relationship is natural – and it’s actually pretty simple, too.

You see, what you’ve been taught about breastfeeding positioning, latch-on, etc. Is wrong – but it’s easy (and almost effortless) to make it right

I don’t want to say that anyone has been intentionally misleading you – care providers and even fellow nursing moms certainly have your best interests at heart! It’s just they didn’t know any better – after all, they didn’t grow up seeing moms breastfeed anymore than you did!

And in this case, seeing really is believing – believing in your body and learning the “how-to’s” of nursing just because it’s part of your society.

We essentially forgot how to breastfeed and had to start over again, from scratch. We created nice, systematic, scientific ways of lining baby up and getting milk out, then taught those to mamas.

The problem, of course, is that we overlooked that nature had already developed the perfect method for breastfeeding babies!

Fortunately recent research has re-discovered and re-affirmed that babies and mamas were meant to breastfeed… baby is born to do it, and your body is perfectly primed for it!

I’ve just put together a BRAND NEW class that will teach you exactly what works to get breastfeeding off to a smooth, simple start without pain, and with abundant milk.

Now, I have to warn you, this isn’t a simple handout that shows you a few “perfect position” pictures. You aren’t going to take a glance at this class then sit down in a high-backed rocker to blissfully feed your baby.

Nope, your body really is designed to breastfeed your baby – and your baby is designed to get himself or herself latched right on – so I’ve detailed out how that works, and what you need to do to honor that wisdom. I teach you want you need to do use that in real life, to make breastfeeding the enjoyable, nourishing experience you want it to be. We’ll go step-by-step through what you need to know, plus you’ll get helpful handouts and videos to walk you through nursing your little one successfully.

I’ll teach you all of this:

  • The statistics on breastfeeding success (and how you can beat the odds)
  • This is the truth about the low milk supply “epidemic” (hint: it’s NOT as common as you think – here’s how to build an abundant supply)
  • Use this “laid-back” key to get your newborn to latch himself or herself on – while you relax!
  • These “hot buttons” help your baby nurse – if you know the right way to switch them on
  • How breastfeeding moms have been fooled into using bottle-feeding techniques – and why that makes breastfeeding an uphill battle
  • What to do if your baby is in “latch on, latch off” mode 😉

And here’s what else you’ll discover:

  • Forget sending your older kids out of the room while you wrestle with baby – here’s how to nurse and have hands free for your “big kids” 😉
  • Simple ways to stop nipple pain – and keep it from coming back
  • Why doctors have been wrong about the need to supplement breastfed babies with iron and Vitamin D
  • Practical ways Daddy can bond with baby – and support a successful breastfeeding relationship
  • How to handle fussy feedings… and frequent feedings without feeling overwhelmed
  • The easy way to tune into what baby is saying – and make breastfeeding a breeze!

If you’re hoping to enjoy that blissful, bonding nursing experience you pictured while pregnant, definitely sign up for this class! I’ve breastfed a lot of babies, and put in a lot of research. I’ve been discouraged by the misinformation (and the simple lack of information) that many mamas get while trying to figure out how to make breastfeeding work for them. I get asked breastfeeding questions every week.

This class is going answer all of them, and give you exactly what you need to know have a long, enjoyable breastfeeding relationship with your baby… for as long as you both desire.

Normally I teach group classes at anywhere from $47-97 a class, but since this is a self-paced class, and I want all mamas to have access to it, I’m pricing it at only $27. You’ll get instant access to the entire class, including handouts, helpful links, and 10+ videos to help you have a wonderful experience breastfeeding your baby! Click to sign up now: