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Bringing Baby to Work

Bringing Baby to Work

Have you felt torn about returning to work and being with your baby? In today's podcast I discuss how some parents and businesses are making babies and work mix – with great results!

Topics I Cover in This Podcast:

  • Should babies be welcome in the workplace?
  • The benefits of bringing baby to the office
  • What child development experts say about having babies at work
  • Strategies to make working with a baby in tow really really work
  • Case studies from real parents on how they brought their baby to the sales floor, the office, and the boardroom!
  • Thoughts on toddlers and older kids in the office
  • How business owners feel about babies-at-work programs

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Things Mentioned on This Week's Podcast
* Smart Mama, Happy Baby – 25+ parenting classes in the library, regular guided book studies, weekly live Q&A sessions for all pregnancy and parenting issues, menu plans, and more!
* Rhiza's case study – practical thoughts for making babies work at work!
* Stacy Bendet makes a short workday work well with her newborn
* Alina Chourasia shares her experiences having her baby on the sales floor
* GL Group has a long history of babies in the workplace
* Parenting in the Workplace Institute great resources for exploring having babies in the workplace!
* The OpenWork initiative – focused on making employment better from many perspectives

Check out this video from W.S. Badger on having babies in the workplace (and generally making your workplace very friendly to employees):

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Sarah Schachar

That’s great. When I have an opportunity to bring my baby to work I can work more hours and work more relaxed. I am bringing more of my knowledge and I’m more committed to my job. It’s a great thing to support this movement!

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