From Chaos to Calm

How to Create the Happy Home You Want for Your Family

Dear Mama,

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, frazzled, or drowning in things you need to do…

…but you have no idea where even to start, much less fix all the problems?

Do you ever feel guilty (and maybe even angry, which of course makes you feel MORE guilty)…

…because you think of how you dreamed about the mom that you’d be with your sweet baby, mothering your precious children…

…but now you’re overwhelmed with the day-to-day, just not sure how you’re going to get through the mountains of laundry, the next meal, and get everyone to bed tonight?

You dreamed of laughing babies, happy kids, and sweet family times, but instead, you feel like you’re barely keeping up every day between the childcare, the meals, the house…

…and the never-ending piles of toys, clothes, and stuff surrounding you.

You spent time researching healthy food and thinking about the homemade meals you’d serve your family – but now you’ve got kids who refuse to eat anything that hints at healthyand besides, you’re too exhausted after nursing the baby and wrangling the toddler to do anything but heat chicken nuggets.

There are happy moments here and there, but you can’t get over the nagging sense that your days are subsumed in relentless cycles of laundry and cooking and dealing with fussy babies, crying toddlers, and sibling squabbles.  And worse than that, you feel guilty because this is something you’re supposed to be enjoying!

Guess what... I'm with you, mama…

Well, I used to feel that way. Okay, let me be honest, because I’m REAL here – I still have days, even a week here and there that feel like this…

…but in the past, this was my consistent, every day, nagging reality. 

I’ve been stuck there.

It wasn’t fun – but the worst part was the guilt.  The mommy guilt – it sucked!

I went from dreaming about babies (because I always wanted to be a mama) to being a teenage mother… and then suddenly I had another baby, and another...

…and life was chaotic.  I’ve got to give myself credit, though – I kept trying.  And I figured out some things that worked, and we got along as babies came along every couple of years.

Then the unthinkable happened.  My husband was arrested, and suddenly I was a single mom of eight going through the most devastating trauma I can imagine – my life was in a tailspin, and we were in survival mode. 

When I look back at pictures from that time, my six-month-old baby at my breast and my other kids looking like babies gathered around me… I sometimes wonder that we made it.  I look at what happened to other families who went through the same thing – the stress and trauma that breaks families, breaks women…

…but as my baby nursed and I sat for long hours during that time, I asked God to show me a way out, to help me to do this…

…and to help me use my experiences and my story to help other women.

Because I didn’t want to do it just for myself.  I didn’t want to do it just for my family – I wanted to help other families see their way out of survival mode…

…whatever caused that…

…and see that a peaceful home, happy kids, and a healthy family could also be the reality for them.

I wanted to show other mamas that even when mothering takes so much out of you (believe me, as a single mom to eight kids, I get how your days can feel totally absorbed by your kids and their needs)…

…even when it takes so much effort…

you can love it

…and you can have some time for your additional passions, too, beautiful mama!

It’s no secret that I am passionate about teaching mamas how to grow and birth healthy babies…

 …so it’s no surprise that I consider my survival mode the gestation for THIS passion project!

Life does not have to be chaotic just because you have littles! 


From Chaos to Calm

Real-Life Solutions (from a mom of eight!)

Get Your Home Under Control, Create Effective Routines, Trim Your Workload, and Create a Lifegiving Home

Module 1 - It's Domino Time, Baby!

Have you ever set up dominos, then pushed one over and watched them all fall?  Well, that’s what you can make happen in your home – in a good way.  This week is the essential foundation.  You’re going to discover my process for finding everything creating chaos – and taking care of them, one after the other.  I’m going to show you exactly how to zero in on the "domino" that starts everything falling into place to create the happy home you want to be in.

This week is also sleep week – yep, you heard me right, we’re going to figure out who isn’t sleeping (and why), so that everyone in the house is getting better sleep.  While every family is unique and your set of “domino” steps to a happy home may look different than another mamas, I promise you EVERY mama can use better sleep

…and your kids will thank you for it, too!

Here's what you'll discover:

  • The tiny baby step to take when everything feels overwhelming (hint: it brings almost instant peace of mind and kickstarts the transformation in your home and life).
  • Exactly where to start to get the fastest results for your unique family
  • A "permission slip" that means you work less (while seeing quick results in your home and family)
  • How to troubleshoot sleep routines and get everyone more rest
  • Why your home and family feel stressed, plus what to do to change that feeling FAST
  • Handling a rough day (after 21 years of mothering I can tell you they happen - but here's exactly what to do to turn it around)

Module 2 - How Moms REALLY Get Things Done (and You Can Too)

I’m going to help you pinpoint the exact steps to start getting your home under control and your family back to happy.  This week will solve overwhelm – that feeling that you know what needs to be done but have no idea how to get started.  I’ll take you by the hand and get things moving for you.  Trust me, mama, we’ve got this!

We’re going to dive into another universal mom problem this week, too, and solve the mealtime madness once and for all.  I’ll show you how to plan meals for real moms who are REALLY busy – and how to handle picky eaters so you know that everyone is getting in the nutritious meals you want to serve. 

This week you'll:

  • Discover exactly what to do when everything seems urgent.  You'll cut through the noise, find the quick wins, AND work on what will make the biggest difference.
  • How to make the big, overwhelming things manageable, even when you're juggling life and little ones
  • Why a "tiny habit" can move mountains for busy moms
  • My favorite visual tool to create quick plans that help you get more done (plus you'll work less and have more time to enjoy your family)
  • Why savvy moms plan by the WEEK rather than by day (hint: this helps you get back time you didn't know you had)...
  • ...Plus what to do each morning to make your weekly plan a success
  • How to create meal plans your family actually wants
  • The secret to minimizing dishwashing and keeping cleanup manageable!

Module 3 - Smooth Like Butter

Can your days really go smoothly when you’re in the thick of pregnancy and parenting little ones?  Yep – and I’ll show you exactly what works based on raising EIGHT babies… that’s six YEARS of being pregnant (hello, morning sickness and feeling like you’re as big as a house... while chasing toddlers!) and taking care of a LOT of littles under one roof.  I will show you exactly how to set up routines that work to bring more peace - and more smiles - to everyone in the house...

…and exactly what to do when illness, travel, or any of life’s other surprises come up to try to derail you.  Believe me, you want the secrets I share in this module because they are going shift the feeling in your home from chaos to calm – and do it FAST.

Here's what you'll discover this week:

  • A real-mom, real-life example of how to handle a major disruption to your day!
  • Exactly why routine and rhythm are so important when you have young children
  • Why you have more control over your time than you think
  • How to slow down your day and defeat overwhelm (while still getting everything done... and having some time for you, too!)
  • The difference between a routine and a schedule, plus how to choose the right one for your family
  • What to do when your kids don't want you to change their day (plus how to go from child-led days to routines that keep everyone happier)
  • Exactly how to plan the right routine or schedule for you and your kids
  • What is "breathing in" and "breathing out" when it comes to planning children's days (hint: this is especially vital if your kids have sensory issues, but it will help ANY child enjoy their day more)
  • Real-life sample schedules with children of many different ages
  • How to realistically look at YOUR needs and how to balance what your kids need with your energy and projects
  • The "3x a Week" secret EVERY mom needs to know

Module 4 - Who Said Being a Mom Isn't Tons of Fun

We’ve spent the last three modules laying the foundation to step out of survival mode (and stay out!)...

...this week, that work pays off as we look at how you can be the mama you really want to be – the mama with smiles, laughter, and plenty of time for family fun!  This week we see how to go from surviving to doing exactly what YOU want to do with your kids (My kids and I love reading books out loud and making tasty feasts in the kitchen… but YOU get to decide your adventures!)

Plus we’re going to use this week to tackle the final issue in the “big three” of sleep, meals, and…

…you guessed it – LAUNDRY!  This is the week we get that laundry under control – and keep it that way!

This week you'll discover:

  • How to establish lasting habits for yourself
  • The "small chunk" technique to fit enjoyable things you WANT to do into your days
  • The "Rocks" analogy - and why it's crucial to fitting everything in
  • Why understanding "It only takes 5 minutes to break the cycle" will change EVERYTHING for you as a mother... ESPECIALLY on the toughest days
  • Holiday tradition and schedule strategies that help you keep the holidays meaningful (and enjoyable for everyone - including you!)
  • How you can shift from a negative attitude to a positive one, even when events or circumstances have a ton of triggers for you
  • The secret smart mamas know about setting goals for home and family
  • Why your vision for your life matters (plus how it helps your family!)
  • Real-life laundry strategies from a mom of 8

Module 5 - Making Your Housework Run on Autopilot

This week I’m going to reveal to you the biggest secret for the modern mom – how to ditch the housework (and why you need to do it).  Handling the housework is the biggest thing that takes time away from our families – and from doing things we want to do for us… so this week we’re going to knock it down to a manageable size…

so the house is running on autopilot while you live the life you want to with your family.

(hint: we’re also going to talk about how to get the kids to help around the house… in a way that’s really helpful.)

You'll discover:

  • Step by step guidance to get the Kitchen and Bathroom "Hot Spots" under control FAST
  • Further tricks of the trade for taming the laundry monster
  • How to corral the kid clutter (plus how to get your kids to help you get rid of some of it - willingly!)
  • The critical difference between cleaning, decluttering, and organizing (and why it matters for busy moms)
  • Clueless about cleaning?  How to do it well - even if you were never taught before
  •   Cleaning systems reviewed, plus how to choose the right one for your busy life
  • How to include your kids in cleaning
  • How to keep cleaning time at a minimum - while you still enjoy a clean home

Module 6 - Let's Talk About Parenting

I get it – I’m a mom to eight kids.  A significant portion of your time is taken up with, well, parenting!  This week I’ll show you how to handle difficult behavior with grace (and how to handle it when you feel like you’ve messed up… because we’ve all been there, mama!).  We’ll also talk about how to minimize tantrums, sibling squabbles, and trying behavior...

so that the whole family feels happier, closer, and ready for fun together!

This is relationship week, because in the end, isn’t that what matters most?  You and your family feeling happy and excited about doing life together…

This week you'll discover:

  • How to handle even difficult behavior with the calm attitude you want to have
  • The key difference between a time-out and a "calm down spot" - and exactly how your calm down spot helps you feel closer and more connected to your child
  • Did you know toddlers need you to talk in pictures?  Here's why... and how to do it!
  • Bonus: How to make Body Safety lessons natural - and keep your little ones safe throughout their lives
  • Problem children v. Challenges (this will completely change the way you look at parenting, and instantly stop frustration with your kids)
  • The parenting secret nobody is telling you
  • Why you need Mom Boundaries (plus how to keep them in balance with your kids' needs)
  • What it means to trust your children (this is totally different from what you're thinking)
  • Simple, every-day steps to build a strong connection between you and your kids
  • What to do when you feel burned out (from a real-life mama of 8... I've been there!)

It IS possible to mother your little ones without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed every day.  You can drop the stress and grow the connection in your family.  

You CAN truly enjoy this time - without the guilt that a grumpy, frazzle mommy is what your kids will remember.

Even when life with littles brings lots of little (and BIG) responsibilities - you can handle them smoothly, calmly, and consistently.  Plus, you can have time to build the close, happy relationships you've imagined...

...and feel good about finding time for yourself, too!  

I'll show you how to have all of this and more!


Go to Sleep!

My complete Baby Sleep class will help you get your little ones to sleep fast - and without tears.  Get better sleep starting tonight!  Also includes the Newborn Sleep class and the Toddler Sleep class.

Home Management 101

Nobody tells you about the paperwork and the logistics that come with being a mama - and managing a household.  I show you exactly how to manage your calendar, home, and finances so that you have time for cuddles, playtimes, and family fun!

Self-Care for Busy Moms

You know they say you need to take care of yourself first - but that's hard to do when you're in the middle of life with littles!  This bonus shows you how to carve out time for yourself - without guilt - so that you're the refreshed, energized, and joyful mama you want to be!

Top Tools for Mamas

This cheat sheet covers my top tips, tools, and lifehacks for managing life with your little ones - sometimes you just need to know exactly what works, so that you can see results right away.  This list is my go-to guide after 21 years of parenting 8 kiddos - these REALLY work (plus they make your life easier - and what mama doesn't need that?!)

The Naturally Healthy Family

This mini-course series will help you handle the inevitable coughs, colds, and sniffles in your family's life.  Feel confident about caring for a sick child, stock a natural medicine chest, and keep teeth and bones strong - naturally.  This class will get you through the sniffles so that life gets back on track with everyone calm and happy.

Stopping Pain in Pregnancy & Postpartum

So many mamas struggle with aches and pains... and as much as you wish it didn't impact you, it's hard to be the mama you want to be when you hurt. This bonus covers common aches and pains during pregnancy and after birth - and walks you through the root causes so you get back to feeling great fast.

A Note From


Kristen Burgess smiling with hat on

Hi!  I'm Kristen

I'm a parenting coach to mamas all over the world, a pregnancy health coach, owner of - and mama to eight beautiful people!

I want to tell you a little bit about my journey with creating a life-giving home

You see, I didn't grow up in a big family, or in a calm, happy home. My mom was chronically ill, and though I treasure what she could do for me and my brother, I did not see a well-managed home with a happy, close-knit family.

Not to mention when I was growing up, the message was all about career, career, career.

Now I don't have any problems with moms having great careers (clearly, I own a business!)... but I felt like choosing to prioritize home and family was somehow "wrong."

My relationship with what a happy, well-managed home looked like was, well... non-existent 

I had a lot of work to do.

I had to look deep inside and evaluate what I'd learned about family, what I could do (and what I should do), and figure out where to go from there.

That took a lot of soul-searching, because, as you may have noticed, we don't really give moms a lot of support today. Sure, we give superficial "Hallmark" cards on Mother's Day...

...but we don't value moms - in fact, we tell young women that motherhood will hinder their success...

...and how do you come back from that when you want to be a great mama?

As I did this work, I began to see motherhood differently - not as a liability, or as putting my life on hold...

...but as a beautiful opportunity to pour into the lives of my kids...

...and to grow in strength, skill, and confidence myself!

Here's something else I realized - running a family with intention takes just as much vision, intention, and skill as running a company. And when you embrace that, not only do you LOVE your days with your family, but you build a legacy that will far outlast you...

(and, yeah, you develop some serious skills that help you crush it when you're ready for the workforce)

It's my intention to totally shift the dynamics of our world by helping mamas realize that pregnancy, birth, and motherhood create a woman (and world) that is stronger, more compassionate, and much more fun to live in!

I am here to get practical skills (and a good dose of inspiration and encouragement) into amazing women who are here to change the world...

...and I don't take this lightly <3

How It Works

The course is completely online!

You'll receive six modules with lesson material, workbooks and worksheets, and bonuses...

You have unlimited time to complete the course, lifetime access, and any future updates are yours for free...

...meaning anything I add to the course is automatically yours...

...and you can come back to the course anytime life throws you a curveball (because we all know that happens!)

You receive access to Go to Sleep! and the Stopping Pain class immediately upon enrollment.  If sleep issues or pain are a struggle for your family, I recommend looking at those as you start this class!

If each element of this course were sold separately, it would add up to $4297 in value.

But that's not what you'll pay if you enroll today.

The course is priced at $297, but I'm discounting it significantly for this special!  No code is necessary!

Email any questions to me

Note: This class includes case studies from real mamas, so you can understand how to take the information and adjust it to best fit your own family!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can This Work For Me?

I can’t promise that From Chaos to Calm will work for every single mama out there.  But I have been guiding moms with birth, baby, and life issues for seventeen years – and I’ve been mothering for more than two decades.  I’ve been a teenage mom, a single mom to three, through the challenges of remarriage, and I’ve also lived through profound trauma and kept my family going after I became a single mother of eight in the wake of abuse.  Maybe that doesn’t look as fancy as an advanced degree in child development or as impressive as a busy pediatrician’s practice…

…but it’s real.  My own real-life experiences, including the ups and the way, way downs…

plus the experiences of the hundreds of mamas I’ve coached through the years…

…mean a LOT of experience in what REALLY works for busy mamas.

You get ALL of that wisdom, and my personal guidance as we walk through getting your home under control (fast) and creating the peace, calm, and happy family you’re dreaming of.

Why Six Weeks?  I Need This Fix Right NOW!!!

Okay, I’ve been vulnerable in this letter – and this is another point where I want to be honest, even raw with you.  You may want to snap your fingers and feel like you have the perfect home.  I get it.  I want that too.  Especially after everything my kids and I have been through – I want it to all be beautiful rainbows, unicorns, and a perfect, calm mama. 

But it doesn’t work that way.  Nobody can snap her fingers and go from chaos to calm in a day, or a week… I’d say not even in weeks (plural!).  Systems and routines absolutely work, but it takes time to put them in place and get them working for you…

…that’s another secret...

This might take some trial and error as you figure out what works in your situation (that’s why we’re meeting live every week – so I can guide you through making the adjustments you need for your own awesome family). 

Let me ask you something:

What happens if you do nothing?

What happens if you decide you want to have a “snap your fingers” solution, so you keep waiting to find it? 

How do things look in a week?  A month?  At the end of 2023?

Probably about the same as they do now, right? 

From Chaos to Calm isn’t instantaneous, and it may feel like you’re not making progress at first – because we’re going to do this together, in baby steps.

I’ve been mothering and managing a household for a long time (including as a single mom) and I know that your home can feel how you want it to – and pretty quickly…

…but you must start slow.  I’ll walk you through it all, step-by-step, and before long you’ll be looking back over your day with a new feeling…

that warm, happy feeling of realizing that you have spent lots of time enjoying your children today

That you served healthy meals all day – and that everyone enjoyed them!  That your house is reasonably clean.  And your to-do list?  You checked off a bunch of stuff! 

And it’s still early enough to read bedtime stories, kiss your babies, and have some time for your husband… or maybe some time for things that help you recharge or achieve some personal goals that nourish your soul (hint: when you do that, you fill your cup and have so much to pour over your family!).

I'm Super-Busy... What if I Can't Do a Lesson a Week?

I’m giving you a lesson each week, but it’s up to you when you start.  You have this content forever, and you can absolutely go at your own pace.  You can even go through it more than once.  That said, I do encourage you to find some time to listen…

…even if you play the videos while you're doing other things.  The worksheets won't take much time after you understand them...

...but they WILL GIVE YOU TIME BACK because your home will run more smoothly, your kids will be happier, and you'll have more time for the relationships and interests that nourish your soul, gentle mama!

What Can I Expect From This Course?

Practical solutions that work for real mamas who are juggling life with littles!  This content is powerful and inspiring because what I have wanted most is to create a life-giving home for my children to grow up in… and I have wanted to really enjoy the journey right along with them!  This course is going to help you drop practical solutions in place, find more time for love and laughter…

…plus you’ll find inspiration, you’ll renew  your belief in yourself and your ability to create the home you want for your family (because at the end of this life, you know that’s what will matter the very most!)  You’re going to find relief, peace, progress – and a much, much greater love for yourself and your family.

What Ages Does This Work For?

I’m mothering kids from preschool to college-age right now, and I’ve been doing the baby and toddler thing for decades.  I can help you no matter what age your kids are because I’ve been there – pregnant while trying to meet everyone’s needs, juggling a high-needs baby with a bunch of other kids, and trying to handle toddlers and teens at the same time.  

It’s enough to make your head spin, but I promise you CAN do it – and I’m going to help you sort it out step-by-step, based on your unique family.

Will This Help Me if I Have Special Needs Kids?

Absolutely.  The principles I highlight are especially important for special-needs kiddos who have diverse needs and often crave routine and structure.  My own family includes kiddos on the autism spectrum and the unique challenges that come with that.  We will talk through exactly what’s essential – as a special-needs mama, it’s critical to choose what’s most important as you’re there to support your child AND find peace and joy in your family… just the way it is :) I’ll help you sort through the overwhelm, get everything organized, and feel like you can really handle this… because you can, warrior mama!

Enroll in From Chaos to Calm Now!

Get the step-by-step, hold-your-hand help you need from a mama who gets it - and who has decades of experience with her own family and helping hundreds of other mamas create the intentional, happy homes they want.

Includes class lessons, workbook, handouts, printables, cheat sheets, and all bonus classes.

Normally I charge $300/hr, and at 6-12 hours of live classes, that's a $1800-3600 value.  Add in all the bonuses and that's a value of over $10000.  

But my passion is to help as many mamas as possible, so I'll give you the lessons, workbook, lifetime access, and all bonuses for just $297