​​​​Being the Mama You Want To Be

Sometimes pregnancy, childbirth, and bringing up baby seem overwhelming – these are times when we need the confidence and personal support of an experienced mom completely committed to helping us mother the way we want to.

Kristen and Corwin

Someone whose been through her own pregnancies, births, and has mothered little ones.  Someone who has sifted through and streamlined the mountains of pregnancy and parenting information to bring you what works for your unique family, so you can move forward with peace and confidence.

Someone whose not immersed in your experience, but instead brings openness, wisdom, and safety as she gets to know you and your unique situation and where you hope to go with your family and parenting your child.  Someone who can offer practical steps and focus as she supports you overcoming obstacles to have the pregnancy and birth you desire, as you become the mother you’ve always dreamed you’d be.

This is what’s so exciting about working one-on-one

It’s an incredible honor for me to be able to walk with mothers as they journey through pregnancy and then dive into the adventure of caring for their young children.  I love to cut through complex emotions and even fear to bring you simple yet powerful steps that help you feel great, handle all of life’s excitement, and raise a healthy child.

I know that this goes way beyond business – this is heart-to-heart and woman-to-woman – the way we’re all meant to be supported.  I’m deeply and personally invested in the life of every mother (and her baby) I work with.

Because they are what matters most to you

I work with intelligent, dedicated moms (who might happen to feel a little overwhelmed) and want personalized guidance for their pregnancies, births, and babies.

The women I work with understand a lot about natural, healthy living, but have a hard time balancing nutrition, exercise and stress relief so they have a healthy pregnancy and make plentiful milk – and feel like they’re balanced and cared-for while mothering their little one.

These moms want a safe, natural birth, but need concrete strategies for talking with their care provider (even when they feel intimidated).  They need to know what to say when it’s time to discuss their baby’s health care decisions (so they’re the ones making the choices for their baby).  

These moms want to know how to talk with their partner (after all, he needs feel and truly be helpful during labor and while parenting a baby).  They want to know how to connect with their partner, even during the intensity of mothering young children.

I work with conscious women who love their children and truly desire to give them the very best.  They want to give time to each child, celebrating his or her individuality and uniqueness.  And they want to do that in a peaceful, orderly home full of love (and reasonably clean floors and nourishing meals!)

When we work together

Have concerns about your pregnancy, upcoming labor, or feel like you’re stumbling through sleepless nights (and foggy days) with your baby?  We cover a variety of topics, so you get the help you need to be the mom you want to be.  We can discuss anything on your mind – from stress relief, to keeping up with healthy meals, to creating a workable elimination communication routine.

You’ll immediately receive an intake questionnaire when you sign up for your one-on-one session.  This simple form gives you the opportunity to share your situation, your challenges, and your hopes for your pregnancy, baby, and family.  It gives me important information so I come to our session together fully prepared to help you – with love, support, and practical direction.

When we get on the phone we’ll move right into your issue – digging deeply (and gently) into the issues that are most important to you.  I’ll give you practical, actionable suggestions (yes, there may be a little homework), and I’ll support you as you confront and overcome anxiety and worry.  

I’m able to provide you with caring, confident support and I’m totally committed to you during this time.  Mothering is the most important thing you’ll do in your life, and your love for your little one is timeless.  It’s okay if that feels overwhelming sometimes.  I’ve been where you are and I’m thrilled to be here now, providing you with practical, holistic wisdom that supports and empowers you to be the mother you want to be for your little ones!

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