BBL 150: Step #1 in Creating the Home You Want

Do you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and like you’re not getting anything done?  Feeling burned out by the daily grind of parenting and housework?  How can you clear out the frustrating bottlenecks so you have time for what really matter?  That’s the life hack we’re covering in this week’s podcast!

Mom and son work on assembling furniture together

Topics I Cover in This Podcast

  • This strategy is the key to getting everything else done
  • Listen to this episode to see a change in your life!
  • How to use “slow and steady” to win your race
  • Lists can help you get life under control - but only if it’s the right list at the right time (here’s what you need)
  • How to order your tasks so there’s plenty of time for what REALLY matters (and you’re keeping your house and work under control, too)
  • What a bottleneck is - and why tackling ONE at a time is the secret to success
  • When you should work from multiple lists and when you shouldn’t
African-American mom holds baby at table while two young sons work beside her

Things Mentioned in This Week's Podcast

  • Joy in Chaos - want more info on bottlenecks and balancing life so you can get things done (and have time for what matters most)?  Watch my free masterclass and double your productivity while enjoying what's most important to you <3
  • How to Homeschool in 30 Minutes a Day - Fred Lybrand's course introduced me to the concept of bottlenecks and it was life-changing for our homeschool.  Highly recommended!
Collage of four photos of moms enjoying relationship in day-to-day life
Birth, Baby, and Life Podcast
Birth, Baby, and Life Podcast
Kristen Burgess: Crazy About Everything Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby

The tips, tools, and straight talk you want for pregnancy, childbirth, and bringing up baby

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