Delayed Cord Clamping Benefits

Delayed cord clamping has many benefits to your baby. As Robin Lim says, we need to stop thinking about the blood in the umbilical cord being “cord blood” and realize what it actually is – your baby’s blood!!! Your baby needs that.

Midwife Gloria LeMay is careful to emphasize that the umbilical cord (and placenta) are baby tissues – they’re part of your baby. Cutting the cord is literally an amputation. It’s good and right for it to happen… but when it happens too soon it’s dangerous to your baby and gives him or her many disadvantages. Click here for my full article on why you should refuse early cord clamping (hint: it cuts off baby’s oxygen supply too early).

Enjoy the infographic from Northern Colorado Placenta Services!

Delayed Cord Clamping

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Delayed Cord Clamping

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