Elia-Rose’s Birth

by Maude, Canada

On January 29th, I had my second child, Elia-Rose, in the comfort of my home.

After a bad experience delivering my son at the hospital, I decided to give it a try with a midwife for the birth of my second child. My midwives were very supportive and they helped me thinking differently about labour pain.

That evening, I went in the bathtub to relax. I had a few strong contractions but they were irregular. When I came out, the contractions were longer and stronger. It was about 9:00pm. Half an hour later, the contractions were 5 minutes apart and I knew this was IT! I decided to call my midwife. She was at my home around 10:15 pm and I went in the shower, in the bath and in my bed with my husband by my side. He kept reminding me to focus on my “yoga” breathing. I was keeping my body very soft and relax during each contraction. I decided to accept the pain and even to try to enjoy the greatness of the moment. I was delivering my baby!!! An hour later (although it felt like 5 minutes) my midwife told me she was calling the second midwife to come and help out. She said I was going to be ready to push. I mostly let my body push the baby by itself and a few minutes later, I was holding my pretty little girl in my arms. She was born at 11:53 pm.

This was one of the most beautiful moment of my life!

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