How to Relax During Labor and Really Enjoy Your Birth with Sarah Prince

Really Enjoy Natural Birth

Do you want to enjoy your birth but worry about pain during labor? Secretly wonder if you don't have what it takes to “make it through” natural birth? You don't want to miss this incredible interview with Sarah Prince – she reveals how to short-circuit fear and have an amazing experience birthing your baby!

Topics We Discuss in This Podcast:

* How to go from “how will I get this baby out?” to being confident
* How our culture trains us to fear birth – and why this is wrong
* How our bodies provide pain relief during labor
* Why the “runner's high” is important to birthing women
* Fear vs. Rush of Excitement – how you can harness excitement and short-circuit the fear
* Why it's OK to feel some fear (plus how to change the focus to the excitement)
* How the “5 Whys” can help you prepare for a great natural birth
* Feel confident that you have ALL the tools you need to give birth
* What is the fear-pain-tension cycle (and why it matters)
* How to choose the right relaxation technique for you

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Things Mentioned on This Week's Podcast

* How to Relax During Childbirth – Sarah's book for pregnant mamas
* My Natural Baby Birth – Sarah's Website!

(NOTE: Want Real Mom Tested Techniques for Handling Labor Pain? Use these 11 proven natural childbirth techniques to handle labor and keep things moving right along. Get them here.)

Handle Labor Pain

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