Discover How to Juggle Two (or More!) – How to be Enough for Your Baby, Your Toddler, and Everyone Else (and Still Have Time for You)

Dear Fellow Mama,

Do you feel like you can't figure out how to juggle your baby and your toddler? Worry that your tot is spending too much time playing alone – and you can't put the baby down to give him or her the attention that you used to? Or do you worry that you can't juggle the little ones and the “big kids” in your life?

Are you exhausted at the end of the day, but left with that nagging feeling that you just didn't spend enough time with your kids?

Have you ever wished you could know the secret to wrangling multiple littles ones (and maybe a big one or two) so everyone is happy, healthy, and has had enough “mama time?”

I'll be honest – I think those are the desires of every mother's heart. Maybe you waited a long time to have kids, and you want to give them your all. Or maybe you got started early and imagined all the energy you'd have to have fun with your kids… either way, so many mamas feel guilty at the end of the day…

…and it's not usually because of the dirty dishes in the sink or the piles of laundry everywhere. It's the books sitting in a pile where you stacked them because you wanted to read them to your kids – and never did. It's the tiny shoes you put by the door for the walk you never took. It's the library event on the calendar you didn't manage to get out the door for…

…or it's the memory of snapping at your precious little ones because you just couldn't handle yet another lost shoe, yet another toddler meltdown, yet another rolled eye from your preteen, yet another day with your inconsolable baby.

It's true – most of us know that the laundry can wait. Most of us realize we can probably find a system to keep the dishes washed. I've even taught a class on all of that stuff…

But as I sat down and thought about it, I realized that while those things can really help, they're not where your heart is at. Your heart is with your kids. With your spouse. With your family. Your heart wants to be there for them and feel like your family was your priority. You have a sense that these years will go by so fast – and you don't want them to go by in a frustrated blur of rushed days and missed family memories.

That's why I decided that practical homemaking strategies were not enough – that mamas need more, and deserve more. Giving a name to this was tough… and I finally decided that what I really want to show you is that you can be enough – enough for your baby, your toddler, your kids, your spouse, your family… yourself.

Introducing the Smart Mama's Guide to Being Enough

There are so many conflicting opinions on how we can raise up kids today – what we should do and what we shouldn't do. What's OK and what's not. Daycare or no daycare… public school, private school, homeschool… All kinds of debates on parenting.

But again, I think that your heart is already telling you what's most important, and that's finding the time to spend with your kids.

It's feeling like you're really enjoying your kids

It's being there, being present, being content.

That's what this class is about. We're going to take a look at different ages and stages and different challenges that come with them. What kids really need at those stages from you – not academics or development, but what they long for when they think of mama. When they think of family. Or, in the case of your littlest ones, what their bodies know that they need… what their hearts beat for.

Because it's not an exaggeration to say that their entire world revolves around you. How do you meet that need – and stay balanced yourself? We'll talk about it 🙂

And how do you balance life with more than one? It's certainly something to think about and something to master quickly – otherwise you feel like you're never able to do anything, or you feel like you're shortchanging one kid for another, or you just feel like they're running circles around you!

Of course, the next question is what about you? How do you feel joyful while you're mothering one, two, three, or more? How do you set a great example (it never really works to tell a kid to stop having a meltdown when mama is melting down!)? How do you stay calm in the chaos? How can you get a handle on your inner grump, tame that grouchy mama bear, and be the woman and mother you want to be?

That's what I want to cover in this class…

  • How to give your kids quality time – and LOTS of it – when life is running full speed ahead
  • Simple steps to help you keep on giving, and giving, and giving to your family (without burning out)
  • Really connecting with your kids – even when our hyper-connected world wants to replace family time with virtual time
  • How to beat the mind game that says you're not enough (you have enough time and you CAN be what your kids need)
  • Replacing the “I can't thoughts” so your mind discovers the “I can” solutions
  • Meeting your baby's very real needs for connection while juggling the rest of your life
  • Tools to help you mother even the fussiest baby with a busy schedule
  • How to give plenty of attention to your toddler (even with a new baby
  • What you need to take life at your toddler's pace – plus why that's so important
  • How to mother your older children and teens with confidence, sensitivity, and respect
  • How to handle the needs of all your kids with joy (and still have time for yourself, your spouse, and other relationships)
  • How you can tame the mama bear, get rid of the grumpy, dump the yelling, and really enjoy your kids!

Join me in class for a sensitive, realistic plan to be the mama you want to be your little ones (and big ones) – while still feeling fulfilled and refreshed in your own life. Remember, it's normal to feel overwhelmed from time-to-time, but I want to help you make joy, enjoyment of your kids, and that “I'm doing a great job” feeling your new normal 😉

My normal consultation rate is $150 an hour, but since this is lifetime access to a group class, I’m able to give the group class rate. Usually, I charge $47-67 for a group class, but this information is really important, so today you can get it for just $27

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