Can You Really Start Labor Calmly, Confidently, and Fearlessly…

…and Give Birth to Your Healthy, Happy Baby Easily, Joyfully, and With Less Pain?

The answer is yes… if you’re prepared for birth! Think about all the images of childbirth you’ve seen. What pictures and stories have been thrown at you since you were a little girl? They’ve undoubtedly been negative – and even terrifying.

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How are you supposed to be strong and positive about giving birth to your baby when you’ve been conditioned to fear labor? And if those weren’t bad enough – hospitals, books, and even your mother-in-law may still be trying to feed you with fear!

You know that a safe, natural birth is best for your baby – but with all the “what ifs” and “horror stories” lurking in your mind, you’re not sure if birth can even be simple anymore… especially not for the average woman.

The truth is, birth is still simple and uncomplicated. Every day women like you give birth to their babies vaginally – even without drugs – and they do it easily and confidently. They have great births! Research proves you’re empowered by a good birth experience decades after your baby is born 🙂

Cultural Conditioning and Persistent Fears

As I prepared for the birth of my first baby, I had no idea what “normal, vaginal birth” was like. I’d actually believed all babies were born by cesarean section until I hit adolescence! I was, and I just assumed all babies were.

I grew up with the same negative messages about birth you did – women on television screaming in pain, horror stories about torturous births from women in my life. I even laughed at the “funny” TV scenes of women screaming at their husbands just after their water broke in the middle of a store.

It wasn’t until I reached my late teens and stumbled across a natural parenting magazine that I understand the “pictures” of birth I saw were false. They were “Hollywood,” pure and simple. “Drama” sells. Apparently natural, normal birth does not.  And sacred, empowering birth certainly doesn’t!

I didn’t want Hollywood for my baby, so I sought out a midwife. She listened to my worries (I was scared that being born via c-section meant I was somehow “broken” and couldn’t have my baby naturally!).

I went on to have a lovely home birth. It was a wonderful, empowering experience. I was a little surprised during my next pregnancy to find that my fears of birth returned, however. They weren’t all the same – some were gone, and some were new. But I had fears to deal with. Fears have come with every new pregnancy – even baby #8!

I’m a voracious learner. I’ve spent countless thousands of hours reading books on pregnancy and birth, and talking to other moms, midwives, and even doctors. I’ve helped thousands of women over the 16+ years, and I’ve assisted at over two dozen births…

…women always have some worries or anxiety about birth – you’re totally normal.

I’ve now given birth to eight babies – and I’ve worked through fears with each one. By the time I was pregnant with baby #4, I’d accepted that fears, apprehensions, and worries were normal. On top of that, I’d developed a pretty good way to handle them.

Free Yourself From Your Fears

I found an extremely effective system of discovering my fears, acknowledging them, and working through them. This let me release my fears – that’s right – I get totally free of them.

I went into my birth not just free of my fears – but confident in myself and my ability to birth. As I released each fear, I replaced that fear with a belief in myself and my baby.

I didn’t just push the fear out of my mind. I truly worked through it. I gained confidence that I could let my fear go (such as my fear of being unable to birth vaginally). I also gained the confidence that I could handle the situation should my fear be realized.

There’s no point in just denying a fear or worry and “pushing it to the back of your mind.” You work through the fear – free yourself from it – free yourself to work with whatever your birth brings.

Fear Can Destroy Your Dream Birth

Fear during childbirth can cause:

  • Indecision
  • Increased pain
  • Giving In” to interventions you don’t want (or need)
  • Slowed labor
  • Stop labor completely – the dreaded “failure to progress”

By working through your fears you stop these complications. You’ll:

  • Gain confidence in yourself, so your labor goes smoothly and easily
  • Understand facts before labor so you can make the right choices for yourself and your baby (and skip the interventions you don’t really need)
  • Relax during your birth so you dilate quickly for your baby and have a faster birthing
  • Greatly decrease or even eliminate pain
  • Get labor moving – no worries about “time limits” or “failure to progress”
  • Build a strong bond right away (because you and baby have no drugs on board to make you groggy)
  • Stay calm and work with your body and baby to keep labor going – no matter where you’re giving birth
  • Take steps to having a natural, empowering experience and holding your alert, healthy baby

Give Birth with Peace and Confidence

Giving birth in the modern world brings fears from every angle – but you can overcome the stories you hear and scenes you watch. Download my workbook instantly and take practical steps remove fear and anxiety. The cost for the Fearless Birth Workbook Package & All Bonuses is now only $47.

Fearless Birth worksheets


You also get instant access to…

Bonus #1: Fearless Birth Companion Worksheets

These easy worksheets get you going instantly – so you can identify and clear your fears fast.

Bonus #2: “Creating Your Birth Visualization” Checklist

Visualization is incredibly powerful – especially when it comes to childbirth. But how do you figure out what Your perfect birth looks like? Use this checklist and “practice” a perfect birth over and over before the big day!

Bonus #3: Birth Affirmations

As you repeat affirmations daily (out loud or to yourself) you’ll believe them to your very core. Replace negative beliefs on childbirth effortlessly and effectively – use this list as is or add your own to it! (This is my personal list I’ve used to have 7 natural births)

Bonus #4: Letting Go of Your Fears Audio

I walk you through releasing your fear (make sure you go through the workbook first). If you’re an auditory learner this will greatly enhance your work with Fearless Birth!

A Great Birth

With Fearless Birth you understand your fears and anxiety. Then you work through a simple process to let go of your fear and go into labor with confidence and peace of mind:

  • Find out how the “pictures” of birth you’ve seen have shaped your views of birth (and how to to dump them so you give birth the way nature intended)
  • Understand how you can create positive images of birth – this helps you “practice” for birth… and practice makes perfect!
  • Discover how to protect yourself from more negative stories about birth so the fears go away… and stay away
  • Identify fears of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum – obvious fears and those you’ve been trying to ignore or may not have even realized were there (those are the ones that stall labor… so we get rid of them!)
  • Analyze your worries with a proven process – so you’ll feel confident in letting the fear go
  • Actually let go of your fear
  • Gain the peace of mind to know that you can handle labor and birth with grace (no mindless screaming for you!)
  • Relax and truly enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! It goes so fast, and you know you want to spend these moments dreaming of your sweet baby – not worried about birthing.

I’ve been writing about pregnancy and childbirth for over sixteen years, teaching childbirth classes for a decade, I’ve assisted at over two dozen births, and I’ve devoted hundreds of thousands of hours to study and my own personal notes (and pregnancies!)…

I’ve seen almost all of the information out there, and I believe that the simple process of working through your fears is one of the most overlooked parts of preparing for a good birth.

That’s why I’ve prepared the Fearless Birth workbook for you. It’s simple and easy to use. It doesn’t take much of your time – and you free up the rest of your pregnancy to really enjoy and bond with your baby.

Your baby benefits from your peace, confidence, and lowered stress. Less stress results in a healthier pregnancy, a baby with good birth weight, and easier labor and delivery.

Fearless birth is really simple. You’ll gain phenomenal peace of mind when you take a few minutes to go through the steps I clearly lay out for you.

When you take advantage of this offer you’ll instantly get access to download your copy of Fearless Birth. Don’t spend any more of your pregnancy stressed or worried – order Fearless Birth to work through all your fears. Then relax and enjoy your pregnancy – and have an awesome, empowering birth experience. Your baby will thank you.

Look at it this way: your investment in this workbook is a drop in the bucket compared to stress, apprehension, and fear you have to contend with as you prepare for childbirth. This system works – and I’ve done almost all the work for you. Now you just spend the minutes it takes to work through it yourself. You get peace of mind, confidence, and a smoother birth as your reward.

In Joy,

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P.S. Let me give you one more reason why you should order this workbook today:

It gives you the information you need to eliminate your fears about childbirth (and pregnancy and postpartum). This is information you can’t get anywhere else. Why spend hours and hours feeling stressed out, and tracking down information that may not be effective, when you can learn everything you need to know about getting rid of the fears that hold you back from your dream birth in a convenient workbook?

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