Stop Speeding Through Healing, "Toughing it Out," and "SuperMoming" Your Way to Exhaustion!

How to Get Your Home Running on Autopilot,
Love Spending Tons of Time with Your Baby and Tot,
and Feel Amazing While You Do It

Dear Mama,

Do you feel like there's advice everywhere on what to expect during your pregnancy, what to buy for baby, and even how to bathe your baby – but you don't see much on what life is really like when your baby comes?

Are you worried about what the transition to being a mama will be like for you (or how you'll juggle two or more) – perhaps secretly wondering you're enough to tough out those early weeks?  Are you in the middle of life with baby now... and struggling?

Have you worried about getting your body back, if postpartum depression will be a problem, or even figuring out who this new you with the "Mom label" is going to be?

If so, you're not alone!

I'll tell you a secret – our culture says that being a mother is an incredible thing, a huge blessing, and you'll just love it. As a mama to a big family, I can tell you that all of that is true...

...but it's also true that most women worry about the transition to motherhood (and even to mothering two or more!) – and most realize after baby comes that it's not exactly how they imagined it.

Having a baby is a big transition. And yes, a big part of that is baby care and the logistics of juggling life with kids...

...I can actually promise you that you'll figure out the basics pretty easily.

It's figuring out how to care for yourself while you're mothering your little ones that's the real challenge.

It's letting go of the need to speed through that crucial "4th trimester" (because honestly – who talks about how important it really is?) and "bounce back" to supermom status...

Maybe it seems obvious – you know how to eat, how to take a shower, how to get places. But having a baby can change a lot of things.

I've been helping pregnant and new mamas for over a decade and the #1 issue that I help new mamas realize they're struggling with is...

...Yep – I said "realize" – most new moms don't even realize they're not eating enough!

It's a problem that can spiral downward into stress, fatigue, and even postpartum depression.

Not eating.

If something so basic is so easy to miss when you're a new mama,
what about the bigger things?

  • Taking the time to help your body heal
  • Regaining core strength so you feel strong and you are strong
  • Looking forward to each day – both the joys and the challenges it brings
  • Keeping yourself positive...
  • ...and creating the positive home you want your child to grow up in
  • Feeling confident about your parenting choices
  • Knowing you're doing the best job you can do – and that it's exactly what your child needs
  • Staying richly and vibrantly YOU beyond the wonderful role of mother
  • Feeling like you're vital and excited about life today and that there's YOU for the future
  • Knowing you're taking care of yourself so you're healthy for your grandkids – and all the other adventures ahead...


When you think about it, that's a lot.

You're trying to make sure you know how to put on a diaper the right way.

Who has time for these other things?

Let me share another secret...

...all the things I listed above don't have to take a lot of your time...

...but they are vitally important!

"The very damaging, frightening part of postpartum is the lack of perspective and the lack of priority and understanding what is really important."

-Brooke Shields

Being a mama isn't just about changing diapers and, well, keeping the baby alive. It's also not about being the perfect parent.

But it IS about being you and finding joy and satisfaction in what you're doing now – and feeling like you're honoring who you are while mothering your children.

Think about it – honoring you and your needs
teaches your children to honor themselves and their needs.

Here's something else to consider:

When you are in tune with your own needs and honoring those,
you understand how to tune into your child's unique needs and how to honor him, her, (or them!)

Of course, the big question is...

How do you make that happen?

What if You Could...

  • Feel confident (almost) every day
  • Handle the tough moments with patience and grace
  • Get your housework going so it basically takes care of itself
  • Feel strong and vibrant
  • Stay tuned into your baby's needs
  • Feel great about being YOU

Things often go unexpectedly as soon as your baby is born – most of us are planning for a good birth (often a natural birth) and expect that the euphoria of birth will carry us through into a mostly blissful motherhood experience with lots of baby cuddles and wonderful times breastfeeding.

So I've had 8 great births and 8 great experiences meeting my baby...

...and I can tell you that I've still found myself in tears after more than a few of those babies!

Sometimes it has nothing to do with your baby – loneliness, after a baby arrives, has been a big issue for me. Feeling isolated is never good. Or feeling frazzled, like I just can't figure things out.

"Bad moments don't make bad mamas"

-Lysa Terkeurst, Unglued

Sometimes it's a complete surprise to think that I have an amazing baby, had a good birth, and yet still somehow something is a struggle.

Over time I've learned...

...Preparation makes a huge difference.

Mothering yourself during the postpartum time – and even throughout your baby's first year – makes a lifelong impact on you and on your baby.

When the whole world is going ga-ga over expensive strollers, video baby monitors, and designer diaper prints, it can be hard to think of something as "insignificant" as your own well-being.

But this is actually ancient wisdom we need to bring back...

...women in the past understood that women need to be mothered into motherhood.

Midwives have a saying that you should "do the healing now, or do the healing later" – ancient Chinese proverbs take that even farther, believing that if you don't take the time to find a balance now, you'll struggle into old age!

That may seem superstitious and old-timey (like your grandma's fashion advice), but science actually supports it.

Being a mother brings health and vitality to women into old age – if you have taken care of yourself while you're mothering!

That's why I've created a unique class on living, loving, and thriving through your postpartum time – and beyond.

Feeling Great Through Baby's First Year

I've spent more than a decade working with mamas...
(plus I've been through the first year with 8 babies...)
...and I've put together the most complete, tried-and-true,
and practical class to help you juggle life - and feel great while you're at it.

Feeling Great is Broken Down Into 4 Sessions

Week 1

Why Care About YOU?
Plus a "How To!"

Week 2

Making Your Home
Run on Autopilot

Week 3

Feeling Great Physically

Week 4

Feeling Awesome Emotionally

Why Care About You?

Step 1: Understand an incredible secret:

Taking care of YOU is the best way to take care of your baby!

In this session, we dive into why so many cultures knew that they needed to "mother the mother" - and why this beautiful time with a new baby has lost its value (and how to bring it back, even in the hustle and bustle of modern life).

We also cover the often overlooked "fourth trimester" - and why it's just as important to prepare for an plan as it is with your first three.  This class is packed with practical steps to make the newborn period a relaxed time really get to know your baby.

Feel like you missed this important time with your baby (believe me, you're not the first mama to try and rush through - or to encounter health issues with you or baby)?  We'll cover vitally important ways you can capture the most important benefits of the 4th trimester - no matter where you're at now <3

  • 5 keys to building lifelong health after you have a baby
  • Essential questions to ask yourself before your baby arrives
  • Science supports the old saying of "do the healing now, or do the healing later..." here's what that means for you
  • How to harness ancient wisdom for an amazing "babymoon" with your little one (hint: you'll feel confidence and energy after this amazing time!)
  • Step-by-step videos that take you inside preparation for my 8th baby - what I get ready for the birth, for baby, and for MAMA!
  • Basic baby gear for the early days (what you need, and what you don't!)
  • Organized printables you can use to prepare for an amazing postpartum
  • How to build a strong bond with baby - even if you feel like you missed time during the crucial early weeks
  • Why you should care about YOU - even when all the questions now seem to be about the baby...

Step 2: Keeping up with the house and errands is one of the most overwhelming parts of motherhood - from baby's birth and way beyond 😉  In this session we'll talk about how to make your home run (practically) on autopilot - plus how to successfully juggle time with your new baby and your older kids <3

  • Why "feathering the nest" matters... plus how to do it easily - no matter how much else you're trying to handle
  • Get your house under control FAST (so you can focus on what counts)
  • Keep your toddler engaged (and happy) while you meet your baby's needs
  • Why trying to juggle everything alone isn't the right strategy (hint: here's what you should do to keep the house running - even if you can't afford to hire help)
  • De-cluttering strategies that really work for (really) busy moms
  • How to effortlessly organize your house (this will even get kid and baby "stuff" tamed and taken care of )
  • How to make mealtimes manageable (even on the most frazzled day)
  • This "fussy baby" meal tip will keep you calm (and everyone's belly full) even on days when your kids need you full time
  • Stop the feeling of "what did I do all day???" in its tracks... and replace it with joy, confidence, and satisfaction
  • A simple strategy that will get your older kids happy, helpful, and your house clean!
  • Say "goodbye" to the laundry monster once and for all (yep, even if you need to do diaper laundry)
  • Step-by-step videos show you how to prep delicious meals with minimum effort - and set some aside for those way-too-busy days
  • Easy meals to boost your milk supply - and give you enough energy to outlast your kids!

Step 3: Here's what to expect from your body in the early postpartum and beyond... and how to feel strong, energetic, and ready to tackle the adventures of life with baby.

  • How to do healing now so you stay strong for your kids today... and ready to run races with your grandkids tomorrow!
  • Fact or fiction - just 30 seconds a day can make you healthier and happier (hint: it's FACT)
  • Movement vs. Exercise (and why you MUST know the difference!)
  • Find plenty of energy for every day - and build up the reserves to carry you through years of mommy adventures
  • What you can really expect from your body in the early postpartum...
  • ...and how your body keeps changing well beyond the newborn days
  • 4 steps to physical recovery after you have a baby
  • What happens when you stop and take time to rest (you might be surprised by just what your body does when you slow down...)
  • Keep your milk supply strong, month after month
  • What you MUST consider when you start thinking about another baby

Step 4: Postpartum feelings can be a roller-coaster, ranging from sky-high to lower than you thought your might go.  In fact, it's common and normal to have feelings that are confusing to navigate.  You might think you're the only mama that has felt this overwhelmed, but I promise you, you're not alone <3

We'll dive into postpartum feelings - what's normal, how to handle them, and how to really feel great.  I'll also give you strategies and resources so you'll know when (and why) reaching out for help can make a real difference.

  • 4 steps to staying awesome emotionally after baby comes (and while you're trying to balance all the adventure of mothering)
  • Finding your new rhythm as a mama - or mama of more than one!
  • Supplements for emotional support - what helps, what doesn't, and what the science says
  • Key things to consider so your relationships stay healthy and on track
  • How to talk to your partner so you communicate your needs clearly - and know that he hears them
  • When to consider herbs, hormones, and other remedies
  • Setting boundaries that cover your baby's and family's needs - and still keep you healthy and happy
  • Finding help when you need it (hint: help doesn't all come from your spouse or family - there are many ways to get what you need.  How to find it... and ask for it!)


Bonus #1: Live Calls with Kristen

Value: $750

Our Familys Story

This is your chance to ask me ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you need to know when it comes to handling the 4th trimester - or beyond.  As you're going through the class, I know you're going to have some questions about how to best apply what you discover to your situation.

That's why you have access to 5 LIVE Q&A sessions included in your tuition, where you get to join me and the other class members as we get practical, supportive - and answer your questions.

You'll also get recordings of these calls, so you can go back and listen to anything you want to hear again.  Since we'll cover so many practical tips and plenty of inspiration, you WILL want to listen to them again 😉

Bonus #2: Go to Sleep!

Value: $67

Go to Sleep Postpartum

Getting a good night's sleep is one of the biggest struggles parents face - in the newborn period, throughout the first year, and even into toddlerhood!

That's why I've included my full Go to Sleep! course as a bonus module for Feeling Great.  This in-depth class will help you understand what "sleeping like a baby" REALLY means - and how you can start getting better sleep for you and baby tonight.

This class is completely supportive no matter what your sleep situation is - co-sleeping, baby in the same room, or if you sleep better separately.  And if you want to change up the sleep situation, there are strategies to do that too! 

Helpful handouts and logs give you a clear idea of what's really going on (believe me, after 7 kids, I know that sleep deprivation can make it hard to think straight) and tested, practical strategies help you get to sleep at night and help your little one get the naps he or she needs, too.

Bonus #3: Stopping Pain in Pregnancy & Postpartum

Value: $27

Moms are often surprised when pregnancy "aches and pains" don't melt away after baby comes...

...or carrying a hefty baby (not to mention your toddler and preschooler) around all day can bring its own aches and pains, creaks and groans!

This class walks through a few easy exercises you can do daily to bring relief within just a couple of days.  Quick videos show you step-by-step just how simple this is.

What you discover in this class will make a life-long impact, is safe to use during pregnancy, and makes a great compliment to chiropractic care, physically therapy, and any other support you choose to use.

Bonus #4: How to Have a Strong Pelvic Floor for Life

Value: $27

What do belly laughs, trampolines, jogs, jumping right in, and sneezes all have in common?

...Moms are scared of all of them due to pesky pelvic floor problems.  Laughing a little too hard or jumping right in can cause an embarrassing little squirt (and we're not talking about baby!)

This class will take you through my practical steps to restore strength to your pelvic floor - naturally.  If you think kegels are the only answer but find it frustrating that they just don't seem to work, you'll be thrilled to dive into these life-changing and surprisingly simple steps to get your pelvic floor strong - for life!

This class also includes a holistic program to preventing tearing during birth and keep your body strong during pregnancy as well as for decades after you have your baby.

Bonus #5: Smart Mama's Guide to Breastfeeding

Value: $27

Breastfeeding is completely natural - but that doesn't mean it always comes naturally! 

This bonus covers the basics of breastfeeding - and beyond. 

Did you know that bottle-feeding has changed the way we think of baby feeding - and even impacted the breastfeeding advice lactation consultants give mothers?  It took only a few decades for wisdom traditionally passed from woman to woman to disappear - and the new "techniques" we invented to try and refill the gap didn't always work.

Discover what laid-back breastfeeding really is, and how it can reduce stress for you, make latching on easier for baby, and even give you more time (and a free hand) for your older kids.  Videos help walk you through what you need to know and solid solutions mean your milk supply stays strong month after month.

So, Just to Sum It All Up

Here's What You Get When You Join Feeling Great

You'll Get...

  • Week 1: Why Care About You?
    (capture this time to build a better family... and lifelong health)
  • Week 2: Making Your Home Run On Autopilot...
    (everything you need to get home & meals under control)
  • ...Week 2 Cont'd: Juggling Baby and Older Kids
    (how to meet your baby's needs - and be there for your big kids)
  • Week 3: Feeling Great Physically
    (feel strong, energetic, and ready to tackle life with baby!)
  • Week 4: Feeling Awesome Emotionally
    (what's normal, how to handle it, and how to truly feel amazing)
  • Step-by-step video guides and printable checklists
  • 5 LIVE Q&A Calls with Kristen
    (including real-mama problem-solving)
  • Bonus: Go to Sleep!
    (complete course on newborn, baby, and toddler sleep!)
  • Bonus: Stopping Pain in Pregnancy & Postpartum
    (banish aches and pains and so you're strong - and smiling!)
  • Bonus: How to Have a Strong Pelvic Floor
    (fear trampolines and belly laughs no more, Mama!)
  • Bonus: Guide to Breastfeeding
    (helpful videos and traditional wisdom for today's mama)

You Are Just Moments Away from Getting Access to EVERYTHING You Need! 
Join Feeling Great Below:

Feeling Great includes all lessons and bonuses listed above, as well as a live, weekly call where you can ask and get answers to all of your questions.  We'll troubleshoot anything (and everything) going on in your life and you'll come away with practical, real-life solutions and inspiration. 

Bonuses are available in your member's area immediately, and the quick-start guide jump-starts you (plus your confidence and well-being) right away.  Enrollment is limited and valued at $965. Click below to enroll now for just $497 $197: 

P.S. Are you feeling overwhelmed with life as a mom?  Or worried about what it's going to be like when you have a baby to handle - or another baby to juggle?  I totally get it.  One more thing on your plate may seem like too much, but I promise you this - as a mom of 8, I have been there.  Stressed, overwhelmed, crying right along with my baby.  Wondering what I was thinking... but I've also climbed out of those places.  I have been working on this class for months - and in my heart, literally for years.  This is my gift to you.  The wisdom I've gleaned from mothering my own kids... what I've learned from wise mamas who have mothered before me... and from the mamas I've helped through my website and podcast over the last decade. 

I am here for you, personally, as you walk through this class - to encourage you, to support you, to give you the helping hand that you need.  This is a gift to yourself, to your family, and to your kids.  You are so worth it Mama, and I am here for you <3

Again, here's everything included in Feeling Great - I can't wait to see you on the inside!

  • Week 1: Why Care About You?
    (capture this time to build a better family... and lifelong health)
  • Week 2: Making Your Home Run On Autopilot...
    (everything you need to get home & meals under control)
  • ...Week 2 Cont'd: Juggling Baby and Older Kids
    (how to meet your baby's needs - and be there for your big kids)
  • Week 3: Feeling Great Physically
    (feel strong, energetic, and ready to tackle life with baby!)
  • Week 4: Feeling Awesome Emotionally
    (what's normal, how to handle it, and how to truly feel amazing)
  • Step-by-step video guides and printable checklists
  • 5 LIVE Q&A Calls with Kristen
    (including real-mama problem-solving)
  • Bonus: Go to Sleep!
    (complete course on newborn, baby, and toddler sleep!)
  • Bonus: Stopping Pain in Pregnancy & Postpartum
    (banish aches and pains and so you're strong - and smiling!)
  • Bonus: How to Have a Strong Pelvic Floor
    (fear trampolines and belly laughs no more, Mama!)
  • Bonus: Guide to Breastfeeding
    (helpful videos and traditional wisdom for today's mama)
Postpartum Class