Get a Road Map to Your Baby’s First Year - Natural Birth and Baby

The Complete Road Map to Baby's First Year

Be Confident - Use this Proven Road Map to Raise a Naturally Healthy (and Happy) Baby

  • How to give baby the very best start (hint: it’s not just about breastfeeding).
  • Routine makes both babies and mamas happy – here’s how to get a working routine going with your baby… plus it works with your toddler, too.
  • How to find time for you (or enjoy a little time for two) while still meeting your baby’s needs
  • Mama MD, you’re on call! How to handle baby’s sniffles and snuffles… and work as a team with your baby’s care provider.
  • Help baby get the sleep he or she needs – and help you get the sleep you deserve!

"I've used these same practical strategies with my own babies! Download them and use them to your confidence (and raise a happy baby)... they work!"

Kristen and Corwin

Kristen Burgess
Mama to 8 & Founder of