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15 Simple Tips to Get Your Baby to Sleep

How to Get YOUR Kids to Sleep Infographic

Sleep is an essential part of emotional and mental health throughout your life, but it's especially important for your kids, as it plays a vital role in growth and development. In fact, sleep is so crucial during the early stages of life that children spend about 40 percent of their childhood asleep!

As a mama, you understand the importance of sleep for children – but it doesn't mean getting them to sleep is easy! Newborns haven't yet developed fully formed circadian clocks, which results in frequent nighttime wakings. Little ones do develop more regular sleep patterns as they grow, but the act of getting kids to sleep can be tough, thanks to everything from independent toddlers to the night terrors that often plague preschoolers.

Thankfully, there are a number of simple ways you can help your child fall asleep. Dromma Bed created a cheat sheet with 15 simple sleep tips you can follow – from distinguishing between day and night to help newborns establish sleep patterns to encouraging the use of a comfort object to ease separation anxiety in toddlers. These tips can help get your child to sleep and make bedtime a little easier.

15 Simple Tips to Get Your Kids to Sleep

Infographic Courtesy of Dromma Bed

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