How to Handle Life with Little Ones, Laundry, Work, and Never-Ending Cleaning (Even If You Can’t Put Your Baby Down)

Dear Fellow Mama,

Do you ever feel like you can't get everything done?

Like your to-do list never ends, and the tasks pile up, one on top of the other, until you feel like you're literally drowning in things to get done…

Do you feel like you clean the house and cook the meals only to turn around and have to do it all over again – day after day after day?

Do you wonder how you'll fit everything in?

Do you ever wonder how you'll fit YOU in?

If you've wondered how you'll manage housework, “work” work, finding time for you and other family members – all while you juggle a baby that refuses to be put down (and maybe a toddler tossed into the mix, too!)… don't worry – you are not alone!

I have been there. I'll be honest, some days I still feel like I'm there. Some months I still feel like I'm there (especially when we have a house full of sick kiddos!).

But with 8 kids, a house, a hobby farm, and a home business, I've learned some “tricks of the trade” to juggle everything – and keep everyone reasonably happy and healthy while we're at it 😉 I've also discovered how to find time for myself (including time to nourish myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually), which is a vital key to making sure you can care for everyone else depending on you. And if you're a mama like me, it sometimes feels like the weight of the world is depending on you.

Can You Really Do It All?

I sent a survey out to the NBBC newsletter subscriber list a few weeks ago asking for the biggest problem each mama on the list had. I got hundreds of responses, which we sorted out into groups based on the problem shared. I was shocked by the number of mamas who specifically asked about time management – how to handle life with baby (or baby on board)… and everything else you have on your daily agenda…

…A frequent comment when mamas send me emails is “Kristen, I don't know how you do it all!”

One of my secrets is to never stop learning 😉 I look at how other mamas, how other women, and even how successful men, manage to juggle their days and their responsibilities. It doesn't always apply to me, but the hundreds of hours I've spent studying how others “get things done” has helped me develop a routine that helps me.

I'll be honest – I know that you're probably tired. That's part of life as a mama. And you don't want to spend your nights studying time management methods or scouring the internet for the missing piece of the puzzle of managing life. It's exhausting just to think that about that!

Like I said above – I haven't arrived. When my kids were sick earlier this year, it threw me through a loop and it took awhile to get back on target. We homeschool, and I actually had to move our “last day of school” back by two weeks – because sometimes life does throw you a curve ball.

That curve ball is often somewhere around 7-9lbs, has an intoxicating smell, casts an instant love spell over you, and well, needs to eat every 47.3 minutes or so. You love your baby, but life also needs to go on!

How do you handle day-to-day life with new babies, needy toddlers, never-ending housework and meal prep… not to mention when things get sick, when you have a deadline for a project, and even when you're falling asleep on your feet?

The Smart Mama's Guide to Managing Motherhood

How would it feel if you could cuddle your baby on the couch, or snuggle up with your toddler to read a book, and look up to see a clean house?

Would it make a difference if you knew exactly what you were having for dinner, and prep was so simple it only took a few minutes in the kitchen?

Can you imagine taking a few minutes for yourself – a few minutes that leave you feeling refreshed, filled, and even looking forward to your day with excitement and joy?

What if you knew you could recover from those inevitable “survival mode” moments when sickness (or a huge project with a deadline) derails everything from the baby's schedule to good nutrition (not to mention the housework)… what if you knew you could take a couple of days to get back on track… and enjoying life as Supermom?

My guess is those things wouldn't just be a relief – it's more like you feel like you're coming up for a long breathe of fresh, cool air – and you actually keep afloat after 😉

I know, because I've been there (and sometimes I need to implement the Survival Mode SOS myself, too…)…

…and I've put together The Smart Mama's Guide to Managing Motherhood class to give you practical, nitty gritty strategies to handle life with your littles…

…and everything else you need to do during your days 😉

Here's some of what will fall into place for you:

  • How to handle a newborn who won't let you put him or her down (without feeling like you're being pulled in 17 different directions)
  • Adjusting to life with a newborn and an older child – here's how to handle it when you can't give your “bigger” baby 100% anymore!
  • What to do if you need to care for your little one(s) & your life without much help (this works if you have no local support, a hubby who works all the time, or even if you're a single mother – I've been at all of those places!)
  • How to make the “work at home mom” dream happen (I'll show you how to find the focus you need so you don't feel scattered 10% here, 20% there, 5% over there… and can actually function the way you were meant to!)
  • How to put your toddler to bed when you can hardly put your newborn down!
  • A foolproof way to find time for you every day (and if you need time for your faith, I'll tell when to talk to God, too 😉
  • Pampering yourself postpartum, even when the world expects you'll be back to business as usual!
  • How to juggle the Leaning Tower of Laundry, dozens of diapers, endless breastfeeding, constant cooking… and, or course, cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning!
  • Giving your older kids the attention they deserve
  • Finding time for your spouse(and feeling the benefits for you, too)
  • How to keep things together when life feels particularly stressful (Hint: this is when you need to roll out the Survival Mode SOS)
  • Exactly how to prioritize your life (so you know you're handling the important things)
  • EASY mealtime strategies you can use to take the stress out of supper, even if you hate to cook (or you can't put your baby down)
  • Steps to tackle laundry and housework, and even make your bathroom an oasis of peace (hint: I'll tell you why this is a mommy's #1 secret weapon)
  • How to know you're nurturing your family – and honoring your own hopes and dreams, too <3

I know what it feels like to be stressed out beyond belief – to the point where you feel like your health is going to fail, too. And that's not a place that any mother should be. You can't take care of your family if you feel like you're falling apart.

The good news is, it usually takes very little to go from “survive” to “thrive” – and a thriving mom means a thriving baby and a healthy, and happy family. Proven, practical steps can quickly help you get life under control, and that means enjoying life and being there for those who matter the most <3

We'll cover all the practical steps during class – I can promise you that sharing your struggles and getting solid advice will make a difference for you, for your baby, your toddler, your spouse… for your whole family.

My normal consultation rate is $300 an hour, but since I’m offering this as a class, I’m able to give this solutions-focused class at a lower rate. Usually, I charge $197-497 for a class, but because this information is so vital to every mother, you can register right now for just $47.

I urge you to set aside time for this class – this 60 minutes could change the next 60 years of your life 😉 Don't miss it! Click the button to enroll now:

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