BBL 158: How to Handle Haters When You Plan a Natural Birth

How do you handle it when you've decided on a natural birth for your baby, but everyone else seems to have an opinion - a negative opinion?! Today's episode covers what to do when you're hearing a lot of negative talk or even anger about your birth choices. I also cover what to do when your birth choices make someone else feel guilty. This episode will encourage and empower you!

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Things I Cover In This Episode:

  • What do you do when other people become natural birth "haters?!"
  • Why others may disagree with natural birth plans
  • What's behind most of what people think about giving birth
  • How to spot "people pleasing" in yourself - and how to let go of it
  • How you can move beyond other's opinions
  • Practical steps to feel confident in your childbirth choices
  • How to let go of guilt if a friend didn't have the birth she wanted
  • Finding supportive women to surround yourself with
  • How a mentor can help you overcome haters and stay confident for birth
  • Science and math are in your favor - here's how
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Things mentioned in this episode:

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(NOTE: Want a Perfect Birth Plan Template? Use this template and step-by-step videos to write a birth plan that gets your birth team on your side for a beautiful birth experience! Get the kit here.)

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