How to Handle Gestational Diabetes – What You Need to Know to Avoid It (or Beat It)… Naturally

Dear Mama-to-Be,

Are you worried about gestational diabetes? Maybe you’ve already been given a diagnosis, or “failed the first test” …or maybe you’re close to time for testing and you’re worried…

Do you feel frustrated that you can’t really get clear answers on how accurate the testing is, or even what gestational diabetes is and what it means for you, your pregnancy, and most importantly, your baby?

Or maybe you’re struggling to follow the prescribed diet – feeling hungry, cranky, and you’re STILL watching your blood sugars go all over the place (perhaps you’re scared they might say “insulin” at your next appointment).

You’re in the right place. Gestational diabetes is a hot topic right now because so many mamas are finding themselves exactly where you are. Sugar levels seem just a little too high, weight gain seems a little too much – and all you hear is dire predictions for you and your baby if you don’t “get this under control.” I see it happen to conscious, healthy mamas-to-be all the time. But how is it that some moms are able to control their blood sugar levels through diet, grow a healthy baby, AND feel satisfied (all why staying at a healthy weight)?

Like I said, the good news is I’ve helped a lot of students and mamas-to-be navigate through the often murky waters of gestational diabetes. I’ve seen what works – and what doesn’t. After hearing student after student come to me with the same questions about testing, about treatment, and most of all about keeping baby healthy, I dug into the research to see what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to keep blood sugar levels healthy during pregnancy. I also did a little truth-seeking to separate the fact from the fiction with this pregnancy hot topic.

Before I talk about the class, let me share with you why understanding gestational diabetes is so important to pregnant women…

The Smart Mama’s Guide to Handling (or Preventing) Gestational Diabetes

Sometimes I have a hard time thinking of titles for my classes, but this one was pretty easy. You’re a smart mama 😉 – and you want the best for your baby.

But you don’t want to simply take anybody’s word for it (and I’m the first to say “even mine!”) – you want to look at the research, the evidence yourself. And your body is going to tell you a lot… including what’s clearly not working (and unfortunately the “standard” advice on gestational diabetes is essentially worthless).

You need real information – on keeping yourself and your baby totally healthy throughout your pregnancy. And honestly, you need to be able to enjoy this time. You should NOT feel overwhelmed with worry or self-doubt. You shouldn’t be terrified that a complication is going to rob you and your baby of a great birth experience. You should feel confident and in control of your health (and your baby’s).

The choices that you make during pregnancy – what you eat, how you exercise – play a big part. See, natural changes occur in pregnancy, and one of those is naturally increased insulin resistance. It’s natural, and it’s a good thing. But pregnant women are not given good information about how to eat for health with all these changes going on! They’re not told the role exercise plays. This is information you need – and you deserve.

How would it feel to know that you were in control of your own body – you knew what to eat and how to eat it to keep yourself and your baby healthy. My guess is you don’t want to feel scolded, like a little child, when you talk to your doctor or midwife – how would it feel to be confident and knowledgeable when you talk to them? To know that they’re certain you’re doing the right thing – and your blood sugar levels, weight gain, and baby’s growth all reflect that?

Would it be nice to know exactly what you should be eating and the real deal on what works and what doesn’t for diabetic diets? Do you know exactly how you need to work out to increase your insulin resistance and stay strong and ready for a good (natural) birth?

What if you felt confident you were keeping yourself healthy for this pregnancy – and for decades beyond? Years of good health and no worry about diabetes later and life. Plus the “bonus” of knowing that you’ve set your baby up for lifelong health and greatly lowered his or her chances of diabetes later in life?

I’ve created this class to give you practical strategies that work – and because this class is live, I can answer all your questions.

Here’s What’s Included in this Smart Mama’s Guide

Pregnant and worried about gestational diabetes? Had gestational diabetes in a previous pregnancy and hoping to prevent it this time around? I’m going to cover what you need to know. I know that mamas are busy, so this live class will be recorded and include handouts you can refer back to whenever you want.

I’ll walk you through exactly what you need to know

  • What foods you need to eat (plus what to avoid) to keep your blood sugar under control – and your baby growing
  • How to eat a healthy, “real foods” pregnancy diet – and still handle gestational diabetes
  • Finding freedom from the guilt that you “did something wrong” (hint: this will empower you to keep yourself healthy and give your baby a foundation for lifelong health)
  • Options for tracking your blood sugar at home (and what the numbers mean)
  • Snacks that keep you satisfied, build your baby’s brain, and keep glucose levels great
  • What’s going on with your body during pregnancy, how that changes your insulin response, and what all of that means to you!
  • Pair these foods to indulge in your cravings while keeping blood sugar low
  • How to safely start an effective exercise routine during pregnancy
  • What you can do to keep the pregnancy weight gain down… and still grow a sweet bouncing baby!

Plus you’re going to discover

  • Why the “diabetic diet” moms with gestational diabetes are put on usually fails (and why it’s actually dangerous to you and your baby)
  • How a simple exercise routine can help you keep your blood sugar stable, even if you think diet isn’t working well
  • The truth about the risks of gestational diabetes to your baby, your birth, and yourself in future years
  • How to get ready for the glucose tolerance test (and how to talk to your doctor or midwife if you don’t want to drink the glucola!)
  • Medication options that may make sense – plus what you absolutely want to avoid
  • Why gestational diabetes is a disputed diagnosis, and what that means for you during your pregnancy
  • Where to find trusted, proven strategies (it’s here for you – despite the standard treatment failing so many mamas), plus helpful studies if you’re a researcher

This fantastic class is going to teach you what you need to do (and guide you through how to do it) to handle gestational diabetes during pregnancy – and give both you and your baby a foundation of health for years to come. This class is an hour long, so if I were to sit down and teach you personally, it would be $150 in consulting hours.

However, because this is an open class, I decided to price it at my normal class pricing of $67.  Then I started thinking I want to help as many mamas (and mamas-to-be!) as possible… because this really is a big issue without a lot of good teaching!  So, I’ve set class registration at $27 🙂  Click here to register now:


P.S. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “do I really need this? Can’t I follow the diet my doctor gave me and be OK?” My question for you is, are you sure you’re confident you’re keeping your blood sugar levels stable and healthy for you and your baby… and are you sure that diet is truly nourishing for your little one? See, what you eat now = lifelong programming for your baby’s body, so it’s crucial that you get it right! If you’re not sure about this, it’s your health – and your baby’s – that are at just left up to chance and “luck” – from one mama to another I highly recommend you make the small investment to change your baby’s life forever 🙂


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