How to Handle a Long Labor – and Get Baby Moving (No Matter What Labor Brings)

Dear Mama-to-Be

Are you planning a natural birth for your baby… confident that you can do it… unless labor gets long?

Have you brushed off all the negative stories about childbirth – but find those “it just got so long – I couldn't take it anymore” tales keep popping up in your mind?

Or maybe you committed to a natural birth, but labor was much longer than you imagined – how can you handle that again?

If so, you're not alone. I've been there, worrying about a long labor – sure you can handle labor pain for a little while, but how do you do it if labor seems endless?

I've been working with pregnant and birthing women for over a decade now – and worries about long labors are among the most common I see.

Mamas who have the best plans for a natural birth often find themselves struggling and unsure when labor seems to drag on, and on, and on…

…is there any hope in that situation?

…does that kind of a labor have to result in pain medications?

…or in a c-section?

Can you even prepare for a long labor? Are you asking yourself “does preparing for it make it more likely to happen?”

The Real Deal with Long Labors

Here's the honest truth – sometimes labor does take awhile, and as much as I wish I could, I can't tell you exactly how your baby's birth will go (I'm sure I'd have a brisk business in labor fortune-telling if I could!)…

…in all honesty, nobody can make you any promises about your birthing time…

…but here's what I can promise you…

You can take steps right now to prepare for an awesome natural birth – to reduce the chances of a long labor, and to prepare to handle whatever labor brings… and however long it takes.

Preparing for a long labor does not make it more likely to happen – it just means you're confident and prepared to work with your baby, no matter what the journey of birthing brings <3

The Problem with Long Labors (hint: it isn't the long labor!)

There's a major problem in the natural birth world today…

See, anybody who thinks you should go to hospital and ask for the drugs on the first contraction is happy to talk to you about a long labor (and how horrible it is)…

…but nobody in the natural birth world is talking about how to handle them. Maybe they talk about how to positive-think your way out of it (and maybe that works for some mamas)…

…but there's no real teaching on what you need to do during pregnancy to prepare for a longer labor.

Unfortunately, burying your head in the sand never works very well – and it hasn't worked well for birth educators, midwives, OB's, or their clients (that's you, mama!), either.

Mama, you need to know that a long labor can happen – and that you are strong enough to handle it.

That's why I've created the MamaBaby Birthing Guide to Long Labor – How to Handle Labor and Get Baby Moving (No Matter What Labor Brings

How to Handle Labor and Get Baby Moving (No Matter What Labor Brings)

Here's what you'll discover:

  • What exactly is a “long labor” (hint: once we wade through the scare-tactics you'll know what's normal, what's not, and what to do during your birthing time)
  • Practical steps that can prevent a long labor
  • Why modern labor and birth technology actually causes longer labors – and how you can keep your labor shorter no matter where you're giving birth
  • How fear impacts your birthing time (we'll stop the fear factor in its tracks and keep you confident until baby is in your arms)
  • Baby positioning – the hidden key to labor (hint: modern habits encourage “lazy baby” positions… but a few simple steps will get baby lined up to come right down)
  • The truth about baby size in labor – and how that should impact your pregnancy choices
  • Why having your water break can change the length of labor
  • What you MUST not allow if your water breaks before labor begins

Plus you'll find out…

  • Is it really labor? Here's why this misunderstood but key question can change everything about birthing your baby
  • How you can really handle a long labor – when you find yourself in the middle of it
  • The evidence behind “nothing but ice chips” (not only is it not good, it's devastating in a longer labor)
  • How to handle the pain when contractions keep on coming
  • Simple steps to reverse a “stall” and get labor moving
  • Making decisions about medications from an informed (and guilt-free) position
  • A proven plan to rest (and rotate baby) when you really need a break
  • First-time mama? Here are 5 special points you need to know…
  • How to navigate “time limits” on labor and give your body and baby the chance you know they need
  • Get moving, Mama – these position changes can bring baby down and get things going
  • Why some babies take longer than others… and why that's exactly what needs to happen
  • How to feel confident and supported even when baby is taking time to come

I'm holding nothing back in this class – we'll lay it all there so you get every question answered. Fear creeps in when things are unknown – or you push worries aside, trying to pretend they're not there. Again, we'll talk about everything:

  • Simple habits in pregnancy that get baby in the best position for a smooth birth
  • What to eat to get your uterus super-strong for birthing…
  • …and what to eat to super-power you through labor
  • What to do if things seem to hit the dreaded “stall”
  • Options when you're exhausted
  • Tried-and-true tips from real mamas who have really been there – and done it!

This is a brand-new, live class. We'll devote a full hour to the class materials… then cover all of your questions in the open Q&A section. Share your past birth experiences, the “scare-tactic” scenarios you've heard, or questions that have been lurking around at the back of your mind – we're going to bring it all out in the open and cover everything.

Class will be at 3pm eastern on Thursday, August 31st! Can't make it live? Register now for lifetime access to the class – and shoot me an email with your questions… I'll cover them live.

Normally I charge $150 for an hour consult, but since this is a group class, I planned to price it at my normal group rate of $67… then I thought that this is a really big deal – scare tactics are everywhere, and natural birth advocates often sidestep these questions. But ALL mamas-to-be need this information, so I'm pricing at just $39 $20


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