How to Have a Great Pregnancy and Get Ready for a Smooth Birth

The class where I teach you all the pregnancy essentials I know so you can have a fantastic pregnancy, get ready for a good birth, and a have really healthy baby.

Hi, Kristen here! I've just put together a class that will walk you through how to have a good pregnancy (and feel great while you're at it), prepare for a smooth birth, and, of course, have a sweet, healthy baby at the end of it (the end of your pregnancy and birth – not the class!) 😉

Growing a baby is serious business, and essential wisdom on pregnancy and birth is going to take more than a couple of paragraphs. So, this page is long.

Read it anyways 🙂

(and if this class doesn't help you have a better birth and a healthy baby, I don't know what will)

Here's the quick version:

Being pregnant is an incredible opportunity – a few months to make a lifetime difference for your baby. But it brings with it a lot of questions:

  • What are the absolute best things you can do to ensure a healthy baby?
  • What do you eat to promote healthy development?
  • What are the best exercises to prepare for birth and help you bounce back?
  • How can you keep your energy levels up?
  • What can you do to safely alleviate aches and pains?
  • What can do you do during pregnancy to make sure your birth is safe and smooth?
  • How can you overcome your fear of not being able to “do it?”

And of course there are the days you can't even think of a question to ask – what do you do when you feel completely clueless?

I've got good news for you. Your pregnancy can be healthy. You can feel good and enjoy this special time (even if life is busy or stressful). Not only does that benefit you, it really helps your baby.

I'm going to teach you proven, practical ways to have a healthy pregnancy and to handle any aches, pains, or other issues that come up – and I'm going to teach you what you can do to have a safe, joyful birth.  Discovering how to do those things adds up to a really big reward, because you get to bring a healthy baby up into your arms (I know, that's the real reason for what you do anyways 🙂 )


Okay back to the beginning for a minute – where you're probably starting from (and cover how we'll get to where you want to be):

Lies, Lies, Lies!

I've been there – overwhelmed (and maybe just a little emotional, even if I didn't want to admit it!). I had questions. Lots of them. I saw women close to me go through their pregnancies uncomfortable – and terrified they'd suffer complications.

I heard them explain they were the “unlucky” when their births were filled with complications. Strong women. Women I admired.

Did it have to be that way? Couldn't these women, these movers and shakers do something to have a healthy baby? Shouldn't they be as confident in the delivery room as they were in the boardroom? What hope was there for an ordinary gal like me?

Why Haven't Mothers Been Told These Facts?

Those questions started years of research that led me to where I am today – over a decade and several babies of my own later. Today I have experience (six times over). I have knowledge, and confidence.

Most of all, I have the wisdom to know that you have the ability to make a difference for your baby. You can have a healthy pregnancy. You can feel confident (and in control) during birth.

But true wisdom always recognizes there is more to discover – and there are more women to help.

So I've listened to you.

I know you want something that's clear.

Something practical.

Something to show you how to keep your baby healthy.

And something to keep you feeling great, too.

Something to help you feel like you're informed and as ready as you possibly can be for birth.

And something focused – targeted – to your needs, something that you can go through to make a difference right now, where you are in your pregnancy.

Your Personal Guide

That's why I've put together a six week, live program. It's focused, clear, and down-to-earth. You'll get a lot out of each week, but it's information you can use, right away, to make a difference for your baby – and yourself.

Think of it as a 6-week intensive – that's paced to fit your life and answer your questions.

How It Works

Every week you'll come to the live webinar.  We'll cover important pregnancy and safe natural birth basics, then you'll have plenty of time to ask me questions.  Can't make it live? That's okay – you'll get a recording after the webinar.

You'll also get a packet with handouts covering important information when you get the recording.  The first packet will hit your inbox next week.

Here's what we'll cover:

What to Eat, Why You Should Eat It… (and How to Make it Simple)

You've heard “you are what you eat” – and you realize that your baby is literally made of what you're eating. But how do you know the right things to eat? And what vitamins, minerals, and supplements are right? Are herbs and other natural supplements safe?  I'll answer those questions and cover more:

  • How to finally make sense of all the opinions on pregnancy diet
  • The easiest way have a healthy pregnancy diet when you can't do dairy (and feel confident your baby is growing with any special diet needs)
  • What you can do TODAY when morning sickness and aversions are getting the best of you. Tried and true advice from a mama of six.
  • The truth about protein and pregnancy. Why getting the right balance with this key nutrient prevents complications in both pregnancy and during birth.
  • How to finally make sense of pregnancy supplements… know which ones are really best for your baby
  • It's okay to indulge pregnancy cravings from time to time.
  • The top 5 nutritious foods you should be eating. Secret snacks to fuel your energy and grow a strong baby.
  • How to have a healthy pregnancy diet using fast, toddler tested, husband-approved meals 😉
  • Why iron pills almost never work. And what you can do to build your iron levels naturally.

Important Info About Exercise and Weight Gain

Once you've gotten pregnancy diet down the next thing you think about is the pounds.  Pregnancy exercise helps you feel good and stay fit – which really helps when it's time to birth your baby.  And getting the facts on weight gain during pregnancy means you feel confident – and happy with your beautiful baby belly.  We'll go deep (but keep it focused on what fits your life) with these topics and more:

  • Real facts about mummy tummies: How a few simple exercises can help your abdominal muscles stay strong throughout pregnancy – and prevent diastasis recti.
  • Where to draw the line with your pre-pregnancy fitness routine (is listening to your body enough, or is there a line you shouldn't cross?)
  • The single most important excerise to prepare for a good childbirth. And it doesn't require any fancy equipment.
  • 4 ways to fit in prenatal exercise when you're already exhausted
  • Why beginners are able to get fit during pregnancy… even if you've never exercised before.
  • The easiest way to get your baby into a good position for birth
  • The truth about pregnancy weight gain. What you should track, when you should worry, and what you should do if you usually grow 10lb babies.

Avoiding Morning Sickness, Pain, and More (in other words – Feeling Great!)

Pregnancy is supposed to a wonderful time where you glow and float around joyfully… but, well, reality says that just doesn't happen.  Some days you want to run for the toilet (even though you can hardly get out of bed).  Other days you can't move without your joints creaking – when did you turn into your grandma (and aren't those varicose veins supposed to be her problem???)? Plus you worry about using medicines and remedies that worked pre-pregnancy.

We're going to cover how to overcome all of pregnancy's minor discomforts (and banish a few of the major ones, too).  Here's a sample of what you'll discover:

  • How to survive morning sickness… and even get rid of it for good.
  • The easiest way to relax and enjoy your pregnancy (even if life is really stressful)
  • If you've got 5 minutes a day, I'll help you feel more focused and energetic
  • 3 ways to naturally alleviate pregnancy aches and pains. Proven methods that are safe for your baby.
  • How to find out what herbs, essential oils, and natural remedies are safe during pregnancy.
  • Better than antibiotics. Get rid of GBS safely and naturally before your baby's birthday.
  • What you can do RIGHT NOW if you're showing signs of pre-eclampsia. Advice from a nurse dedicated to moms and babies.
  • The simple “love hormone” secret to handle anxiety… feel confident about pregnancy, birth, and being a mom.
  • Tips for getting quality sleep (at any point in pregnancy).

Lose the Fear, Lose the Stress, Lose the Guilt!

Most of us are scared when we think about birth.  I've had six babies, and there are still times when I feel a little scared of the thought of going through childbirth.  Something so life-changing may never be “easy” – but you can feel confident and prepared.  You can clear out irrational fears, let go of stress, and plan a birth that works with your body and especially with your baby.

And you can do that without guilt – because planning a great birth for you automatically means you're planning the best birth for your baby.  Nature designed it that way.  Of course, you may need to figure out how to convince the powers-that-be at your chosen birthing place that it's best for baby.  And that's where the practical wisdom of the mamas who've gone before you really shines.  We'll reap the benefits of their discoveries and uncover more gems of our own:

  • How to face and overcome fears about childbirth (even if you've never given birth… or had a hard birth… before).
  • You can birth your baby – remember you and your baby are working together all throughout labor.
  • How to get VIP treatment at the hospital (all moms are not treated equally)
  • What to ask when you interview care providers (and how to make sure they're really right for you).
  • Navigate your hospital birth – how to make it happen with no interventions

How to  Prevent (and Stop) Complications and Prepare for a Smooth Birth

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  A healthy pregnancy is not luck.  And it's not really genetics.  And, well, it's not really who you choose for your care provider (though the right one can give you better information for sure).  A good natural birth isn't luck either – both of these are what you put into them.  Now there may truly be times where an accident truly happens.  When I broke my arm, I went to the hospital.  And sometimes a problem  happens with birth and you want to go to the doctor and let them help.

But that's not likely to happen – and most complications will never happen to moms who understand how pregnancy and birth work (and if they do happen, you're confident you made the right choice in getting help – not feeling bullied, abused, or even violated).

Nature designed birth to work – after all, it's got to work for us to be here.  Figuring all of that out can be mind-boggling, which is why we're going to get right down to the basics (and build a bit from there):

  • Do you worry about which interventions are necessary – and which are not? Get evidence-based information on which may help and which may be robbing you and your baby of a safe birth.
  • What to do during pregnancy to ensure a healthy, calm, natural birth
  • Squatting during labor is helpful, right? Not always. If it's early in labor, they can keep your baby from moving down.
  • Warning – you may already be making these 3 common mistakes in preparing for a natural birth.
  • How to make your birth a safe, positive experience.
  • Most moms tear (or have an episiotomy). But did you know there are proven methods to minimize and even prevent tearing?
  • Pick the right birth partner (and make sure they'll be truly helpful during labor)
  • Better than Pitocin. Have a smoother, safer birth (and dramatically lower your risk of postpartum hemorrhage) while boosting the natural hormone Pitocin can only partially mimic.
  • Proven ways to avoid induction.

Building a Good Milk Supply (and Other Baby Care Choices You Can Make Right Now)

In the end, pregnancy and birth is about bringing a new person into the world – someone you'll love so fiercely it's hard for you to believe it!  How can you make the right choices for your newborn, and does what you do in pregnancy have an impact on breastfeeding and how things go in baby's first few weeks?  It does – and we'll cover how with these topics and more:

  • How to prepare for a smooth postpartum while you're still pregnant
  • Cord clamping: what are the pros and cons and how to make the right choice for your baby.
  • What you need to know about vaccines and your newborn.
  • How to have an abundant, full fat milk supply.
  • 4 ways to ease your recovery and bounce back sooner.
  • Handling a newborn while mothering your older children.


Sometimes a little push is all you need to get you started with healthy habits, so I've designed a bonus to help you get the most out of the classes and get you to where you want to be with nourishing your baby:

A complete, 2-week menu plan designed to meet all your pregnancy nutrition needs.  Need to go dairy-free?  Don't worry, there's a menu for that, too.  And if you've grown 10-lb babies in the past, I've got pointers for how to eat for a healthy but smaller 8-lb babe 😉

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Here's what mamas have said about how my lessons have changed their lives:

I just had my 5th baby 2 weeks ago, and this was my very first all natural, no medication birth!!! I had epidurals with all my other 4 children. My desire for a natural birth was to have a different after birth experience. I knew very few people who had done a natural birth, so I didn't have much advice to rely on…

Anyway, your resources were more than extremely helpful for me to navigate labor and handle the contractions! I knew what hard labor was like as I experienced it a bit before receiving epidurals with my other kids, so I knew what I was in for. But I had never heard such encouraging information like yours! It was such an encouragement for me that I COULD do this naturally, and make it through. I think the most helpful part for me was thinking about the baby's experience during labor. I had never ever considered my baby during labor before – in my past labors all I focused on was my pain, how severe it was for me, and how I just couldn't relax through them, and then not wanting the pain so I got epidurals. It was so interesting to learn that my body & baby's body are working together during labor, and I need to work with my baby as she moved down the birth canal. I took your advice to heart, and really moved around this time as I had contractions, remembering and envisioning my baby moving down, and trying to work with her. I labored in this way at home as long as I could before going to the hospital, and when I arrived at the hospital, I was shocked to learn that I was fully dilated!!!!!! I had NO idea – I thought I was at 7 cm – hopefully. I was just working through labor at home, never imagining that I would make it that far while being in control, managing the pain fine, and somewhat relaxed even! I was also very distracted at home while laboring and taking care of my other 4 children…I'm sure that helped me too.
After getting to the hospital, I was also able to have a water birth! It was a great experience, if one can call labor & delivery great!


I really do appreciate your classes we took. They were our 3rd set of childbirth classes. One hospital class and one Bradley and dh and I still learned things we never knew. The best thing I took away is that I was working with my sweet babe and seemed to really understand that I was connecting with her and communicating with her even when she was in utero. I already felt that before your classes but kind of felt silly for feeling that way, but then realized after taking your classes that I was not silly and what I was feeling was actually very normal.


I am happy to report I had a successful VBAC thanks to Kristen!!! Days of early labor 1/2 day of active labor. 20 minutes of pushing. No epidural or PIt. Thanks for helping me get through it Kristen!


Super quick message.
My baby boy was born yesterday morning.
Amazing !!! Had him in our birth pool , I did it !!!!

Thank you for your guidance……it was all there. I drew on so much from you. It was truly a conscious birth. I thought my way through all of it. I was PRESENT I stayed with my baby. We worked together. I didn't forget or ignore that he was there or what I was doing this for. My scar never hurt me at all , so my body let me know all was fine and I was able to let that go completely and just concentrate on my work. Oh ! and what work.

You've done that six times. Well I'm in awe !

Much love and blessings to you.

Sam x

Now here's the thing – this class series is pulled from years of childbirth education lessons, Q&A calls with students, and an estimated $3,500 worth of books, research, and my own education on pregnancy, birth, and baby.

I've sifted through hundreds of hours of training – and even my students have had to go through countless emails, articles, and Q&A calls to get these gems.

Honestly, I think these 6 weeks of classes are going to be worth MORE than the $3,500 in training (and countless hours of effort).

This is focused, powerful information that's been honed and discovered through research and working with real students having real babies (and, of course, my own seven babies).

But in the end, frankly, what matters to me is helping mothers and babies.  And how does it help mamas and babies to try and price it like a professional course (or even like just one of my $120 midwifery textbooks!)?  It doesn't make sense and it doesn't help you.

Instead, I want to get this into your hands.

So I'm going to make this totally affordable… six weeks classes, recordings, handouts… for a single one-time payment of just $67.

Get my best, most practical, focused, and effective information to have a healthy pregnancy (and ENJOY your pregnancy) and have a smooth, natural birth with your baby – just $67 for the entire 6-week, self-paced class series:

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Are you sitting on the fence?  Wondering if you should jump in for the class series?

Thinking, do I want this information, do I not?

Look, if you've read this entire letter, I believe you do.

You want to grow a healthy baby right?

If so, this is a great first step.  This is clear, relevant information that combines my experience, all my research and education, and everything I've learned from helping students into a focused class.

You take care of your baby every day.  You birth your baby.  It's you.

So this class isn't everything.

It's just the best of the best from Kristen and MamaBaby Birthing.

That's it.

Are you ready for my best, and the best of all the mamas who have birthed their babies before you?

Today is your day 🙂

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