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"How to Handle Labor Pain Without an Epidural"
(even if you're scared you won't make it)

Dear Mama-to-be,

Are you thinking to yourself, I want to have a drug-free, natural birth for my baby… but I’m not sure I can handle the pain?

Or maybe you feel pretty confident that you can deal with it for a little while, but you’ve heard all the “horror stories” of endless labors that last for days and days and leave moms begging for c-sections.

Or perhaps you’re terrified of the unknown… what will labor really feel like? How much do contractions actually hurt?

I get it. I’ve been there. And I’ve been helping women have natural births for more than a decade. It’s actually a little funny - I had a friend look over a page on my website, and the page had something about “being scared you won’t make it.” She said I should change that to something else. This friend hasn’t been pregnant yet 😉

The truth is, I really did worry I couldn’t make it through labor naturally - and I know that’s true for many, many women.

You hear all the scary stories of impossible labor and how bad it’s going to hurt. And when you tell your friends and family, they just laugh and say you’ll change your mind when labor starts.

Gee, thanks for all the support!

Seriously, though, ignore the doubters - you are right here, right now, and I believe in you.

More importantly, I have been there (8 times - yep, EIGHT) and helped many, many mamas (over a thousand) prepare for successful natural births without needing pain medications.

...and maybe that’s what you want - you know that natural birth is a great option for you and baby, but you want proven techniques that are going to help you handle whatever it is labor throws at you.

You want to know what it’s going to feel like, how you can deal with it, what to do if you feel like you can’t keep going (hint: I tell you exactly how you can), and how to make it from start to finish with confidence, strength, and a generous measure of grace.

If that’s you, read on…

So here’s what I’ve done. I’ve always been a little hesitant to put together a class on “natural pain relief” techniques. There are many reasons for that, but at its core, I think focusing on pain actually hurts moms and babies and natural birth - escaping pain becomes all that matters, and honestly, that’s not why you’re giving birth.

But I could talk for hours on just that topic, and frankly, I know that you might not even try for a natural birth if you think you can’t get through it.

I am passionate about helping mamas and babies (or “mamababies” as I think of them :D). So I want to do what it takes to help you have a natural birth.

That’s why I’ve put together a class on how to handle labor pain - naturally.

Before I tell you what I cover in the class, I want to be upfront with you. I am not promising a class that gives you the secret to pain-free labor. I can imagine that’s what we all want, but that’s not what we all get 😉

I have huge amounts of respect for some of the “pain free” methods out there - I have used one of them extensively in my pregnancies and love it. But I still think birth is intense even if I want to avoid using the word pain. And frankly, I don’t think we need to avoid that word.

See, I love seeing women succeed - I especially get a thrill from cheering on female athletes and female entrepreneurs. Those women are amazing! And one thing I’ve noticed while watching them is that they realize what they’re doing will take a lot of work. And that’s incredible. They know it may not always be “comfortable” and certainly not “easy.”

Sometimes they get in the zone, they hit that flow, and it is easy. But sometimes they just have to work to get to the top.

Childbirth is like that. Why do we cheer on athletes... Why do we root for woman-driven startups... why do we tell them to keep going through all their challenges...

But when a woman wants a natural birth, we tell her to get the epidural. Or we just tell her that she’s got to avoid the pain in one way or another?

I am not afraid to tell you that You. Are. Amazing. You can DO THIS even if it’s tough.

So I won’t pretend that I can take all the pain away.

But I can show you how to get through your birthing time - if it hurts a little, if it hurts a lot, if it doesn’t hurt at all and feels fantastic.

It doesn’t matter. This class shows you what to do during labor so that you get from start to finish without needing to call in the epidural squad.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • Practical techniques that really work (really fast) for managing pain in labor
  • Proven steps you can take right now, during pregnancy, to make your birthing time go smoothly
  • Understanding this tip means lower pain levels throughout labor
  • How to choose who will be with you during birth (hint: this makes a HUGE difference between birthing naturally or feeling like you have to get the epidural)
  • Two little “panic buttons” that bring effortless relief during contractions
  • Add this daily habit it for a happier pregnancy, easier labor, and a better bond with baby
  • Use this easy “cubed hack” to make contractions feel quick and manageable
  • Why waiting to go to the hospital means a faster, safer labor with less pain
  • How to use hot (or cold) to bring instant relief
  • What contractions really feel like, and what to expect from the start to finish of your baby’s birthing
  • Which positions can double or even triple your pain levels (and which positions bring sweet relief!)
  • How to handle the dreaded back labor… plus keep your sunny-side-up sweetie sliding down and out
  • Which breathing techniques banish pain (and which are totally useless)
  • This “forgotten key” is your ticket to a smoother, easier, less painful birth (this is the most practical, most powerful technique I’m going to share in the entire class)
  • Think you can’t have your baby naturally? This fact will convince you that you can 🙂
  • How to find the perfect partner for your birthing time (no matter where you live, what insurance you have, or how nervous your hubby feels!)
  • Exactly what to do if you “lose it” during labor (hint: it’s not yell for the epidural)
  • The 6 little words I repeated over and over during my own speedy natural births

This is a super-focused class where I teach you exactly what to do to handle pain in labor, naturally. I cover all your options - and I cover which ones actually work.

I walk you through the entire labor process, beginning to end. You will literally be ready to waltz your baby down and out 😉

This dedicated class teaches you what you need to know about handling labor pain naturally – and what to do if you feel like you can't do it anymore.

This is information that every mom-to-be needs! I usually charge one-on-one clients $300 an hour to walk them through this information and these steps. This class is an hour long, complete with handouts, cheat sheets, and the chance to email me questions - that would be $300+ if you were to work with me one-on-one.

However, because this class isn't live, I decided to price it at $97... my typical recorded class rate. Then I realized that I need to get this into the hands of as many mamas as possible, so I brought the price to $47 $7

P.S. So many women hope for a natural birth but stop there - with just a hope.  I've been helping mamas a long time - and the ones that write me beautiful birth stories are the ones who realize they need more than just hope!  These techniques are simple to use...

...both you and your birth partner will know exactly what to do in labor so that it's so much more comfortable.  You'll know you can get through each contraction (and your birth partner will know exactly how to help you, so he feels confident, too).

Plus your entire birth team will be rooting for you because they see how well you're handling labor - fewer interventions and much more of keeping things calm and beautiful for you as you bond with your brand new baby!

I can't wait to share this class with you!  Go ahead and get these techniques so you have an easier, more comfortable natural birth!



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