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Homeschool Scheduling with Little Ones

A schedule is a key to smooth – and productive – homeschool days, even if you have little ones around! Today I discuss what's worked for us with scheduling 😀

Topics I Cover in This Podcast:

  • Why it's OK for your schedule to look different from everyone else's 😉
  • How to make your schedule flexible – but still useful
  • Choosing between a loose schedule and a more rigid schedule
  • The 5 “big pillars” to put on your schedule first
  • How to consider babies and toddlers on a school schedule
  • A top trick to keep little ones safe… and occupied… during your homeschool days
  • How to start getting into a schedule if you've never used one again
  • Adjusting your expectations to fit reality
  • When to dump the schedule for the day
  • What to do when your kids are going wild… instead of going with the schedule!

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