How Can I Dilate Faster?

by Genesis (Philadelphia, PA)

I went to the doctor’s office yesterday and I’m 1cm dilated. Now all my contractions have gone away. How do I dilate faster?

Also, the baby is already as low as he can be and he’s not really moving what does that mean?


Babies come when they are ready, and when they are ready you know it! It’s frustrating, as I know all too well – I’ve waited on the timing of 4 babies and will soon be waiting on another. My first baby was 10 days late. I thought she’d never come.

Remember that any progress is progress. Your body is doing many things to prepare for labor in the days that lead up to your actual moment of labor beginning. Not rushing this period can help your actual labor to be easier and go more quickly because your body has truly gotten ready beforehand.

I recommend you stay away from any chemical induction methods, and also decline to have your membranes stripped, water broken, etc.

I have an article on Inducing Labor Naturally – feel free to read. Many of these methods will only “work” if your body is ready for labor anyways.

It’s good that your baby is already low in the pelvis (generally called “engaged”) and it means that he is preparing for labor. It’s also very normal for babies to slow down their rate of movement in the days before labor. If you’re worried, though, call your doctor and ask for their recommendations 🙂

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