How to Prevent Tears and Keep Your Pelvic Floor Strong Through Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

Dear Mama-to-Be

Are you worried about tearing during your baby's birth?

Do you feel frustrated because you can't get clear answers on preventing tears - and avoiding a painful episiotomy?

Or perhaps you're struggling with how to keep your pelvic floor strong but flexible... so you don't have tears (or embarrassing leaks when you laugh).

Don't worry, I totally understand what you're feeling! I worried about those same things when I was pregnant with my babies. Was tearing just inevitable? Was it genetic? Could I do anything to both avoid episiotomy and tears? And are moms just destined to have "weak muscles" that result in problems when you laugh, sneeze, or jump on the trampoline with your kids? How is it that some moms can have simple births with no tears and stay active and even "bouncy" and have no pelvic floor problems?

The good news is, I've given birth to a bunch of babies at this point - and I haven't had a tear with any of them. And after an embarrassing encounter with a trampoline I went on a search to make sure I never had any "weak pelvic floor" issues again, either 😉 The best part? I'm putting together a special, live teleclass that will teach you what you need to do to prevent tears and keep your pelvic floor strong and healthy - in pregnancy and beyond!

Before I talk about the class, let me share with you why pelvic floor health is so important...

The Smart Mama's Guide to Preventing Tears and Stopping Pelvic Floor Problems

It was really kind of hard to title this class. Advertisements for women dance all around how to talk about "those girly areas" in an attempt to be politically correct and maybe, well, ladylike about it? But you need real information, not advertising dressed up in cutesy language.

Moms need a strong pelvic floor - aka you need to be totally free from worrying about pee (at least your own... honestly, you're probably going to be interested in your baby's pee for quite a while, and if you have a pet, well, pee will be on your radar a long time!).

Your choices during pregnancy and birth - and the habits you build in pregnancy and beyond - not only help you raise healthy kids, they make the difference between pain and little "accidents" vs. a strong, active body for pregnancy, parenting, and intimacy for years.

How would it feel to know you can enjoy your life - the moments filled with laughter and all those timeless memories you make playing with your kids - without needing to worry about pantyliners or clenching muscles. And my guess is you want to enjoy those kid-free times, too - lovemaking without lasting pain from tears or scars.

Would it be nice to exactly what you can do to prevent tearing and the real deal on episiotomies vs. no cutting? Do you know exactly what you need to do during your pregnancy - and your birthing time, to have baby slide out smoothly and easily?

What if you felt confident that you were keeping your pelvic floor strong and ready for birth and everything beyond? Years of strength and no embarrassing "mother moments" - no urine leaking, no need for pantyliners, even after a natural, vaginal birth (or even several births!).

I've created this class to give you practical strategies that work - and because this class is live, I can answer all your questions.

Here's What's Included this Smart Mama's Guide

Pregnant and worried about tearing? Chasing your toddler and thinking you really should be too young to think about "incontinence issues?" I'm going to cover it all 🙂 I know mamas are busy, so this live class will be recorded and include handouts you can refer back to whenever you want.

I'll walk you through exactly what you need to know

  • Eat these foods to keep your tissues soft and stretchy during birth
  • The truth about water birth and preventing tears
  • Episiotomy vs "natural" tears - what you should know before labor
  • Fact vs. Fiction: Why "religious kegels" aren't the right answer for strong pelvic muscles (and what is)
  • Incontinence is not an inevitable part of having babies or aging - here's what you need to do stay strong and confident through your baby-having years and beyond.

Plus you're going to discover:

  • How to push your baby out gently and easily (including when to push, how fast to push, and what positions you should push in)
  • What you can (and should do) during pregnancy to keep your pelvic floor strong
  • When to start pelvic floor exercises postpartum, and exactly which ones really work
  • How to keep intimacy comfortable - and enjoyable - even after giving birth and breastfeeding
  • Simple steps to lifelong pelvic floor health (so you're free to cough, sneeze, laugh, and even bounce around on trampolines without having to hold anything back)

This fantastic class is going to teach you what you need to do (and guide you through how to do it) to preventing tears during birth - and to keep your pelvic floor strong in pregnancy and beyond! Usually I charge clients $150 an hour for a one-on-one consultation and personalized plan. This class is an hour long, with an extra hour for questions, so if I were to sit down and teach you personally, it would be $300 in consulting hours.

However, because I put this class together as a live, group session, I decided to price it at my normal live class price of $197. But then I started thinking I want to help as many mamas and mamas-to-be as possible (because this is really a big issue without a lot of good teaching!), so I'm offering the full class for $67 $27.