Is Ultrasound Making Pregnancy Safer for Baby – Or Causing More Harm than Good?

Dear Mama-to-be,

Are you wondering if ultrasound technology is safe for your baby?

Are you curious about what real studies show about the safety of ultrasound?

Have you considered opting out of ultrasounds, but find yourself feeling uncomfortable when people ask when you’re going to get one…

…or do you worry that you’re missing important information about your baby’s health by choosing not to have one?

If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind (or stayed on your mind), you’re not alone. I have asked myself all of these questions – and over the past decade, I’ve helped hundreds of mamas who have wondered the same thing.

Ultrasound is everywhere – in fact, you can find “keepsake” ultrasound places in many shopping malls! Yet moms are not actually given information on the safety of ultrasounds…

…and many women feel hesitant to get scan after scan (or even just one) when they don’t have the assurance that it’s safe. After all, many things we once thought were “safe” during pregnancy have been since shown to be dangerous.

Is ultrasound one of those things?

And what about risks vs. Benefits… can ultrasound tell us important information? Are we actually being reckless and endangering our babies when we opt-out of having a detailed scan done?

The good news is, this question does come up a lot – and there are researchers, care providers, and concerned parents out there who have done a lot of digging to find answers. Because ultrasound is everywhere, I wanted to make sure I felt confident in my choices – and I wanted my students to have the very best information out there. The best part? I’m putting together a special, live teleclass that will give you what you need to know to make the right choices about ultrasound for your pregnancy and your baby.

Before I talk about the class, let me tell you a little about why we need to consider ultrasound safety – and consequences.

The Smart Mama’s Guide to Ultrasound

Sometimes I find giving a class a title tough, so I was really relieved because I figured this one would be a no-brainer. We’re going to talk about ultrasound, so that’s what I’ll name the class!! But I also started to get the feeling that a sweet, simple title just didn’t cover everything, and here’s why…

…ultrasound is not a simple “see what’s going on in there” tool. Yes, it does give us that little “window to the womb” – honestly I think that some of the newer ultrasound images are incredible! But the big issue is that we do not always get what we think we see on an ultrasound…

…So the first issue is safety. Is it safe to use this technology on our babies? Ultrasound works by sending sound waves towards babies, and studies have shown those cause rapid cell vibration. Maybe this isn’t a big deal for a bigger baby (or maybe it is) – but when we’re doing scan, after scan, after scan, and starting very, very early in pregnancy… what are the possible impacts on our baby, the placenta, the cord?

And then we jump back to the question – “is what we see, what we get?” Are ultrasounds accurate? I won’t make you wait for the class – ultrasounds are not always accurate (in fact, they’re often not accurate)…

…and what does that mean? What happens if we take action based on an ultrasound result (for example, on a “big baby” or “low amniotic fluid”) and then it turns out that was not really the case. What’s the impact on a baby induced early for those reasons? What kind of stress is generated for a woman who is told her baby has an anomaly or defect, only to later be told “oops, we were wrong!?”

Let me be honest with you here – I think that ultrasounds are great diagnostic tools that have the potential to help mothers and babies. And, well, I think seeing baby in the womb is kind of fun 😉 But I think that every woman deserves to know the benefits, the risks, and the realities of ultrasound technology.

How would it feel to know you could rest assured in your decision to have an ultrasound – or not to have one? How would it feel to truly understand the accuracy of an ultrasound – especially when it’s being used to pressure you into an induction your intuition tells you you do not need?

What if you felt confident, informed, and respected when you talked with your care provider about these issues?

I’ve created this class to give you the safety information you need, the accuracy information you need, and the practical tools to make the right choice for your baby.

Here’s What’s Included in this Smart Mama’s Guide

Pregnant and considering the pros and cons of having your anatomy scan done? Feeling bullied by friends and family just to “take a peek at baby’s gender?” Is the pressure on because the ultrasound changed your due date or told you your baby was the wrong size? I’m going to cover what you really need to know about all of it. I know you’re busy, so this live class will be recorded and include resources you can refer back to whenever you want.

I’ll walk you through exactly what you need to know

  • What types of ultrasound your baby may be exposed to during your pregnancy
  • What the research says about the safety of ultrasound
  • The truth about using scans to assess “big babies” – or babies with growth restriction in the womb
  • Is having a routine “anatomy scan” a good idea? Almost every pregnant woman is offered this mid-pregnancy scan
  • What does research say about measuring amniotic fluid levels with ultrasound – and why does it matter?
  • Does ultrasound have an autism connection? What are the effects on a baby’s brain?

Plus you’re going to discover

  • Cases where ultrasound has been shown to be beneficial
  • The concentrated ultrasound energy your baby is being exposed to at every prenatal appointment (and what you can request instead)
  • Should ultrasound be used to change (or choose) your due date?
  • Can a scan help determine if the placenta is functioning well when you go “overdue”
  • Could your scan be wrong when it diagnoses an anomaly or defect in your baby?
  • Ultrasound and the gender reveal question (I know this isn’t related to safety, but it’s a HUGE emotional issue for many families)
  • What useful information can a scan give us… and when do we really need it?

This extensively researched, fact-based class is going to teach you what you need to make the right choices about ultrasound at every appointment and at every stage of your pregnancy. Usually I charge clients $150 an hour for a one-on-one consultation and personlized plan. This class is an hour long, with an extra hour for questions, so if I were to sit down and teach you personally, it would be $300 in consulting hours.

However, because I put this class together as a live, group session, I decided to price it at my normal live class price of $67. Now that the class is over and the replay is live, I want to help as many mamas and mamas-to-be as possible (because this is really a big issue without a lot of good teaching!), so I’m offering the full class replay and handouts for $27. Go ahead and register now: