How to Juggle Two, Three, or More! – A Complete Guide to Surviving and Thriving with Your Baby and Toddler

To: Fellow Mamas

Kristen and Corwin

From: Kristen Burgess

Do you feel like you're failing your older child, failing your new baby, failing to keep up with meals and laundry, failing at juggling two (or more)?

Or maybe you're still pregnant and you're not sure how you'll handle adding a new baby into the mix. How will you help your older kids get to sleep and keep them fed while you deal with the 24/7 demands of a newborn?

Perhaps your toddler is running wild - but you just don't have the energy to juggle baby cries and toddler tantrums. You've shut yourself in the bathroom more than once just to have a moment of peace!

If any of these describe you - if you've ever sat down with your toddler howling, your baby screaming, and found yourself sobbing right along with them - you are not alone!

I have been there - and hundreds, thousands, even MILLIONS of other mamas have been there.

See, figuring out how to juggle two (or three... or more...) is something mamas have been dealing with for as long as there have been mamas and babies! The good news? Smart women have passed down their wisdom and "tricks of the trade!" When I was a young mama wise, experienced moms came alongside me and gave me hints, tips, and downright hacks to help me mother my two little ones 😉

Now I've juggled two, three, four, five, six... and seven(!), and I want to share those secrets with you. I definitely had days where I felt like crying right along with my baby and toddler - and I've been known to hide out in the bathroom just to have a moment away from the mayhem. But fast forward to today and over a decade of juggling babies and toddlers has helped me get the hang of what's going on.

I've also helped a lot of other mamas get through those crazy days of balancing your newborn, toddler, and keeping everyone alive. There are so many moms who feel alone - there's no family close, and when you feel like things are out of control, how can overcome isolation and find other mamas?

That's why I decided I need to do something to a make a difference. It won't happen instantly, but chaos can turn to control in a surprisingly short amount of time when you're using tried-and-true techniques to juggle babies, toddlers, and even older kids. And when you feel like there's a little control, you can make time to take care of you, too. That makes you a better mama all around 😉

This class is going to show you how to prepare for a peaceful, enjoyable time with your new baby and older child (or children) - and if you feel like you're in the middle of a messy meltdown, I'll give you exact steps to get things under control and get back to enjoying your little ones.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • A key truth you MUST remember as you juggle time with your toddler and newborn (hint, this will inspire you and make you a better mama to ALL your little ones)
  • The #1 change you must make TODAY to get your kids and your home under control - fast
  • How you can find time for everything you need to do (yes, really!)
  • Child-centered vs. Family-centered, and why it matters (getting this is good for your kids today - and will make them better adults, too)
  • Making one-on-one time for your older time or children while you still meet your baby's many needs
  • My secret naptime trick that will keep your toddler cheerful - and get your baby on a perfect nap schedule
  • Managing mealtimes when there's more than one (hint: you'll be making more than meals - you'll make lifetime memories with your tot, too)
  • Tried-and-true tips to get housework done with a fussy baby and a high-energy toddler in tow
  • Simple steps you can take to encourage your toddler to love and bond with the new baby
  • How to handle toddler discipline when you're trying to take care of baby (or when you'd really rather run and hide!
  • Beating fatigue so you can really enjoy your children - and your life!

We'll cover all of these topics and more! I've also reserved time for Q&A on this live class, so we can talk through exactly what's going on with you and your family. You'll feel inspired and encouraged - plus you'll have an actionable set of "baby steps" that you can take and start using immediately.

Getting life with littles under control is a "snowball effect" - once you make a few small changes things start to come together, everyone relaxes, and you all start to enjoy life more. Isn't that what you pictured when you imagined being a mama?

Think about it - can you imagine a peaceful day with a chubby, happy baby smiling up at you while your happy toddler plays quietly at your feet? What if you could cuddle both of your children close while you read a storybook to your tot? How would it feel to prepare meals without worry about what your toddler is up to - what if you knew exactly where your little ball of energy was because you were laughing together in the kitchen?!

These dreams can happen 😀

Hey - I'll be honest - people (including babies and toddlers) have bad days. But the "rough days" can be a "once in awhile" thing, and you can feel confident knowing that things will get back on track once the cold passes or the overnight visitors go home 😉 Teething and tantrums are temporary, but the smooth, happy household you build will be there for you day-by-day.

I can't wait to see you on tomorrow's call - we'll get started on Wednesday, March 15th at 11am Eastern so there's plenty of time for the class and a full Q&A. Bring your questions and concerns and I will see you there! Can't make it live? Register today and send me your questions via email - I'll answer them during class and send you a replay link!

Usually I charge around $67-97 for in-demand group classes, but I really want all mamas to have access to this class, so I've priced this class at just $27

Me and my crew!

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